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The Animals Know When the Reaper is in Tow?

August 5, 2013

Spooked Baboons

I am sorry I have not been able to observe much else going on around the world, although my theory, if correct, should apply to more than just my blog…  I believe humans have this amazing quantum mind, and when used for the good it can achieve wondrous things.  Unfortunately, I think our other senses pale in comparison to that of many animals, probably because they rely on them daily for their survival.

I mentioned to everyone that my family on my father’s side (Originally Simonsen) actually came from the Netherlands via New Amsterdam, NY to America in the 1600’s.  I was shocked to find out later on they actually fought for the British!  My mother’s side was mostly English and came through Plymouth and Ipswitch, Mass and were all Patriots, which now explains why my parents argued a lot…  It was searching through that got me interested in research after 27 years of engineering. I digress.

I did plot a recent sinkhole and fish kill in Europe and I noticed very strong jet streams across that area of Northern Europe.  So here is what is/was going on in the Netherlands this past week:

Baboons ‘Behaving Strangely’ At Dutch Zoo, Emmen Zoologist Cites Possible UFO Sighting

A brood of baboons living in a Netherlands zoo have been spooked for days. Staff at Emmen Dierenpark say the primates have been huddled together, barely eating or moving. It’s the fourth time in 20 years that the 112 east African bamboos have been traumatized for some unexplained reason, BBC reports. The hamadryas baboons have also turned their backs on zoo visitors.“They became panicked at the end of the day on Monday, they were hysterical, not jumping around but behaving strangely,” zoologist Wijbren Landman told Agence France-Presse on Friday.

So here is what the overhead jet stream has been doing (I drew in some imaginary strings just for effect):

8-5-13 Emmen

8-5-13 European Jet Stream

8-2-13 Jet Stream

8-2-13 Jet Stream

and here is what the birds were doing in New Jersey as Hurricane Sandy was approaching

(That is crow talk for “It’s those quantum branes!, let’s get out of here!)

Now you don’t suppose those birds and animals can sense those energetic quantum particles stringing down from and along the overhead jet streams before severe weather do you?  Maybe they can sense ultra low frequencies and such?  I have written before and it is widely reported about weird animal behavior before Earthquakes.  I can remember my uncle John telling me when I was a kid that whenever the birds line up on the power lines, bad weather is approaching. And I have already linked Earthquakes and Severe Weather. So doesn’t it all make more sense now in a weird quantum kind of way? Animals, birds and we humans are not as bad off as the fish, who lose their oxygen, but I have a sense we are all getting ionized in a low energy nuclear sort of way when the local concentration of this stuff increases along those jet streams.

Even if you don’t believe my theory, at least believe that some weird s#@* happens along strong jet streams.


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  1. talesfromthelou permalink

    Thanks for the reminder. Made a post out of it. Interesting world we live in. Lou

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