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A String of Bad Luck?

August 6, 2013

I thought I would take a shot at a path for Hurricane Henriette just because I am bored of all the rain and flooding and sinkholes and lightning on the East coast. BTW, I have a new theory.  I think this stuff is actually annihilating itself and triggering magnetic re-connection and such overhead, leading to all of the lightning and that is actually dissipating the size/energy of the storms that are tracking across Africa to the mainland US right now.  Fight fire with fire kind of thing.

Anyway, below is a plot of Henriette along with NOAAs prediction in blue and my prediction in orange.  I can see some jet streams/clouds heading across towards the Hawaiin Islands so I am not going to exclude the islands from my path yet.  My path overlaps NOAA’s.  I see some Doppler hits and that is the bottom of my track and about in the middle of NOAAs.  I remember when hurricane Sandy tracked towards New York there were other large low pressure disturbances in Canada and New Jersey that followed in the same area.  As I said before I think sometimes an area gets struck by multiple massive particles of this stuff.

Don’t cancel your vacation plans yet because nobody has actually found dark matter, let alone try to predict a hurricane destination using it…

8-6-13  Hawaii Weather


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