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No Braner?

May 10, 2013

rainbow spokes 2I have been researching more to understand the difference in the energy levels of a string of dark matter pulling a vacuum within that waterspout and the dark matter pulling a vacuum within the dark band or “energy well” within that double rainbow.  To me there appears to be an obvious difference in energy and associated vacuum levels.  Here is where I am at so far… I think that the double rainbow with those rolling spokes is an unstable D-brane which may have rolling tachyons that are condensing.  Researchers call those linear spokes “tadpoles” – see my reference below. I believe the Tachyons are creating those moving spokes along the disk of that rainbow.  I still believe that closed D1-brane string creating the rainbow has possibly broken off from a larger string in the atmosphere, else it is just in the final stages of evaporation and was once a much larger closed string of dark matter.

From a paper on Arxiv On closed string tachyon condensation:


A circular formation with 28 `tadpole like` rays with circular holes inside 7 petals bordered by 14 dots.

An important clue is obtained by computing the energy emitted in closed string radiation in the background (2.14). The presence of a D-brane with rolling tachyons leads to a linear source, a tadpole, for each closed string mode [55,56], and the amount of radiation can be computed by the one-point function of the closed string vertex operator on the disk. The amplitude to emit a state of energy E
is proportional to [57] h

That crop circle showed up at Waden Hill (2), near Avebury , Wiltshire on 1st July 2009.  It shows 28 tadpoles in a radial arc from a center point.  I hope you all can see that as I do my research on Dark Energy why I am a little “spooked” every time I read research in one area of string theory and dark energy and I tend to see a crop circle symbol showing us something similar, maybe I am just connecting too many things, I do not know.  This has led me to believe that whoever or whatever is creating many of those circles they are trying to help us and they appear to know a lot about quantum behavior.

I am going to place that video of that rainbow with the “rolling spokes” along it again, which I do not believe is created from just sunlight.  I believe it is emanating from the dark energy within that dark band as it dissipates.  We are all bathed in this quantum bath of particles, some of it with much higher energy levels than others. I don’t believe the energetic stuff is very healthy for us, which is probably why our bodies do their best at replacing cells constantly.


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