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Crop Circles – The Quest For Truth

May 19, 2013

Based upon my research these circles are created by vacuum energy. Something has developed precise control of quantum sub atomic particles and is able to direct them to develop these patterns in the fields.  These subatomic particles control all the forces of nature since they are electromagnetic, gravitational and low energy nuclear.  The thermodynamics are a natural result of this field.  Circles are actually the fingerprint of branes passing through the ordinary matter in the fields. This is the same vacuum energy in our atmosphere that creates the thermodynamic, electromagnetic and low energy nuclear phenomena we call the “Weather”.  The vacuum is pervasive and makes up 95% of the energy in our surroundings.  It varies in energy levels and concentrates in branes just as the concentration of water vapor varies throughout our atmosphere.  As a practical engineer it is absurd in my mind to believe that some human in the darkness of night has taken “microwave wands” and extension cords and created these circles within hours. Mainstream science is doing us disservice to humanity by dismissing these just because they cannot explain them and by supplying some dumb ass reasoning for them.

From Wilkipedia

In 1934, Georges Lemaître used an unusual perfect-fluid equation of state to interpret the cosmological constant as due to vacuum energy. In 1948, the Casimir effect provided the first experimental verification of the existence of vacuum energy. In 1957, Lee and Yang proved the concepts of broken symmetry and parity violation, for which they won the Nobel prize. In 1973,Edward Tryon proposed that the Universe may be a large-scale quantum-mechanical vacuum fluctuation where positive mass-energy is balanced by negative gravitational potential energy. During the 1980s, there were many attempts to relate the fields that generate the vacuum energy to specific fields that were predicted by attempts at a Grand unification theory and to use observations of the Universe to confirm one or another version. However, the exact nature of the particles (or fields) that generate vacuum energy, with a density such as that required by inflation theory, remains a mystery.

Crop Circles Quest for truth from Eliot ET on Vimeo.


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