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At the tip of the Jet Streams you will find his Energetic Particle Beams

May 19, 2013

laquila450I mentioned earlier that while I was tracking Hurricane Sandy towards up state New York and the sinkhole disturbances, they had a small Earthquake in the area.  I believed this to be a further indication that those dark/vacuum energy particle strings that created the monster we named Sandy had weakened the Earth in that area, triggering the sinkholes and seismic activity and she would be approaching. The jet streams had also been very strong in this area, looping across the Northern US towards New York for the previous months. A similar scenario played out last year with Hurricane Isaac, the tremors first started in Bayou Corne, LA, a massive sinkhole opened and then Isaac struck it head-on.

This is not the first time jet streams have been linked to earthquakes and hurricanes.  Below is from a Harvard Study:

Relation between Radon Concentration and Jet Stream at Abruzzo M6.3 Earthquake of April 6, 2009 in Italy
The jet stream is usually related to the formation of cyclones, frontal zones, and some severe storms. The front ends of the jet stream groups were located near to the vicinities of the epicenters. For earthquake with magnitudes M = 6.3 on April 6, 2009, located at Abruzzo (42.33N,13.33E) in Italy, resulted in a death toll of 295. The front end of a 108-km/h jet stream group were twisted and directly pointed out the vicinity of the epicenter on January 29, 2009. 200903301800Italy6.3aThe time of jet stream’ phenomenon was close to the time of the radon concentration surging by observation of seismologist Gioacchino Giuliani in Italy. The cause of these jet stream anomalies is not clearly understood. Because the front ends of the jet stream groups were in the vicinities of the epicenters, it is possible that there is some relationship between the jet streams and the earthquakes. If these anomalies in the jet streams are caused by earthquakes, the lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere (LAI) coupling model, processing physical and chemical reaction in air from the ionization of radon, may be considered as an explanation for the front ends of jet stream groups remaining in the vicinities of the epicenters before strong earthquakes. Ps. this earthquake has been predicted in advance on 2009/02/03, and sent to Dr. Dimitar Ouzounov. The information is shown as following. 2009/01/29-2009/03/01 Italy (41.7N15.9E) 5.5>M>4.5 100%

The sooner we drop our Rock and Snowball model of the Universe and realize we are immersed in a quantum field of dark/vacuum energy in the form of branes that vary in energy levels and are responsible for our gravitational fields (planetary orbits), thermodynamic and electromagnetic fields (weather) and low energy nuclear decay (earthquakes, radon, aging) the longer we all will live.


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