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Where Strings of Vacuum Energy Flow, Danger Will Grow

May 21, 2013

It has been extremely tedious plotting hundreds of sinkholes over the past 5 months but it is painting a picture for me.  I joke at times on this blog, but I realize the seriousness of what I am researching.  I see a pattern.  Areas with large numbers of sinkholes appear to have increased amounts of condensing of water vapor, which I believe is increased vacuum energy in those areas.  I believe these strings of vacuum energy are what is creating the extreme weather and directing the jet streams.  As North America warms, the weather will get worse because the strings have more water vapor to condense, pulling even more extreme vacuums within the atmosphere.  These strings appear to remain fixed within an area for months at a time while those strings are gradually “winding down”, breaking up and evaporating through string interactions.  Until then, the extreme weather within those areas with high concentrations of those vacuum energy strings will continue. One day in the future, mankind may be able to “break the back” of these strings through magnetic re-connection and such and reduce their destructive power on land.  They also bring our rains, so they are required for life, and in fact helped create it.  I pray for those people in Oklahoma.

5-21-13 Wind Map 5-21-13 Weather Strings F 5-21-13 Weather Strings E 5-21-13 Weather Strings D 5-21-13 Weather D 5-21-13 Weather Strings C 5-21-13 Weather Strings B 5-21-13 Weather Strings A 5-21-13 Weatherc 5-21-13 Weatherb 5-21-13 Weather 5-20-13 Weatherb 5-20-13 Weathera 5-20-13 Wind Map 5-20-13 WeatherGodspeed

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  1. Interesting how the jet stream forecast map shows lines moving through the sinkholes in Pittsburgh and Grand Rapids yet. The sinkholes in NJ and NY are still active as well. That’s 8-9 months for NJ alone. And how about Duluth? I didn’t hear about a sinkhole there but wow! the weather just keeps on coming for them too.

    • Sue,

      Obviously I am basing my research on reported sinkholes and seismic activity and I am sure lots of sinkholes go unnoticed in the woods, etc or show up as a landslide or collapse due to weakening. The weakened structure with the most load /weight on it will collapse first, like driving over a weakened spot in the road.

      I believe an active sun this year is energizing those jet streams with additional vacuum energy in the form of strings/particles, which are reaching out into the Earth like large claws and creating this added uncertainty we face. There is a tremendous amount of vacuum energy there, the sun is like the energizer bunny. It is a good thing this energy is coming towards us as vacuum energy and not heat else we would all be toast.

      Thank you for following


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