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Ground Control to Major Tom

May 22, 2013

major tomI want you all to realize something. Although I have a very creative mind and love to read about nature and science, I also probably have ADD according to my wife’s shrink(who may be biased)… I tend to easily hyperfocus on one thing, like this theory of mine about the weather and gravity and black holes and branes and such, but at the same time I struggle with the simplest things like remembering to put my child’s water bottle in his backpack.

This blog is a good environment for me to let my creative thoughts flow in short blurbs as my mind works to connect the dots in my world, your world may be different and full of normal stuff, I do not know. Obviously others are either entertained or curious because I am getting visitors from approx. fifteen to twenty different countries a day and 185 countries or so overall. I realize individual pieces of the puzzle I have put together have other Earthly explanations within their own areas of Science, but I hope you also see that once you fit all of the pieces of my puzzle together, they actually might make more sense to you, maybe not.

I see it as a daunting task trying to convince geophysicists, meteorologists, astrophysicist and others that my theory makes more sense of our daily lives. In the end, martyrdom may be my best option and I may jump into a waterspout with a cell phone yelling all of the while to convince you that yes, it is pulling a vacuum along its surface just before I am spit out in pieces, returning entropy back to the environment (just kidding).  After looking at that ultrathin waterspout video I posted earlier and understanding the basics of string theory and vacuum energy, it seems so obvious to me now, having spent 26 years of my life designing systems, many that pull a vacuum, condense water vapor and generate power.

I just read an article on the Oklahoma tornado

“Several meteorologists contacted by The Associated Press used real time measurements, some made by Schumacher, to calculate the energy released during the storm’s 40-minute life span. Their estimates ranged from 8 times to more than 600 times the power of the Hiroshima bomb, with more experts at the high end. Their calculations were based on energy measured in the air and then multiplied over the size and duration of the storm.

An EF5 tornado has the most violent winds on Earth, more powerful than a hurricane. The strongest winds ever measured were the 302 mph reading, measured by radar, during the EF5 tornado that struck Moore on May 3, 1999, according to Jeff Masters, meteorology director at the Weather Underground.”

oklahoma-tornadoAre we all so numbed by our experience on this BRANE we call Earth that we believe gas in our atmosphere made up of mostly inert Nitrogen, Oxygen and water vapor CAN DO THAT?????????  That would be Hiroshima – 16 kt (67 TJ) x 600 which would be 9.6 MEGATONS (40,200 TJ)!!!! The correct answer is NO IT CANNOT.  What can do that are massive energetic strings of vacuum energy that might contain as much vacuum energy as the equivalent mass of the MOON or more, I do not know for sure.  Normally when you mix cold and hot, humid air in a vessel they just mix homogeneously and average out their temperature and entropy.  THAT IS NOT WHAT IS OCCURRING IN OUR ATMOSPHERE.  Something is sucking the cold air down from the North and the hot, humid air from the South and CONDENSING every bit of moisture within that air in a very intense line and pulling a tremendous vacuum while doing it as well as creating electromagnetic discharge.  This is your DARK ENERGY, Vacuum Strings and Quantum Gravity fields all concentrated in strings the diameter of a proton, stretching across the Earth and shredding ordinary matter, which happens to include people, in its path.

Below is what I believe is the source of this vacuum energy with a comparison to put it in perspective for you:


This is a baby particle collider developed by humans to smash and attempt to collapse matter (into baby black holes) if we can get enough oomph or shutzpa…


This is a Solar Brane we call the Sun with big kahunas and is a high-energy particle collider and collapser and spacetime benderer and time warp brane and string spitter outerer.

This is a song, which is weird, but so is this blog.

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