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The Missing Link: Raining Fish Cause Earthquakes?…

May 27, 2013

raining-fishFrom A Good Read on Raining Fish:

Perhaps the most widely known and, because of the standing of its recorder as an ichthyologist, the most authentic case, is that made known by the Count de Castelnau in 1861. A careful translation of his account is given below. There was an earthquake followed by a tremendous rain at Singapore on February 20, 21, and 26, 1861. To this de Castelnau makes allusion and then continues:

“When the sun came out again I saw members of Malays and Chinese filling their baskets with fish contained in the pools formed by the rain. They told me the fish has ’fallen from heaven,’ and three days later, when the pools were all dried up, there were still many dead fish lying about. I found them to belong to the Clarias batrachus, which can live a considerable time out of water, and even move to some distance on dry land. As they lay in my courtyard, which is surrounded by a wall, they could not have been brought in by the overflowing of a torrent, nor is there any considerable one in the neighborhood. The space covered by these fishes might be about fifty acres. They were very lively and seemed to be in good health. I have particularly remarked the singular occurrence of the fish, having already, during my stay at the Cape of Good Hope, had occasion to mention to the Academy the fact of several new species of fish being found after an earthquake. Is it permissible to suppose that a waterspout, in passing over some large river of Sumatra, had drawn up the fish and carried them over? It is not without diffidence that I venture this hypothesis.”

An account of this phenomenon also appeared in the Zoölogist, 1861, Volume LI, and P. Harting gives the same data in Album Natuur, 1861. Both of these credit the data to Castelnau, but not so the anonymous writer in Das Ausland, 1861, 24. Jahrgang.

So in my model, string(s) of vacuum energy, most likely exiting the Earth through a body of water and forming a waterspout at the surface, sucked up those fish, carried them through a local jet stream created by the string(s) , deposited them onto the ground tens or hundreds of miles away and also weakened the Earth in the local area through ionization and beta decay, triggering the Earthquake and also causing the extreme rains as the 1-brane continued to hang around in the area and vacuum condense all of the local water vapor, dumping it as torrential rains.  So raining fish are the missing link to the 95% dark/vacuum energy everyone is looking for out there in space, just find them and we can save the $2B-$10B on space based magnetometers and particle accelerators and start building some even cooler stuff…

Below is a video with more on similar phenomena.


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