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Of Hurriquakes, Earthicanes & our Brane

May 28, 2013

2011 Virginia Earthquake and Aftershocks Impacted by Hurricane Irene

I think everyone remembers my groundbreaking (no pun intended), earthshaking paper entitled “Earthquakes and Hurricanes, Dark Matter adding Insult to Injury” that I self-published on my blog because nobody in their right mind would send something like that to a real science journal last August? No? here is a link. I did send a copy to NASA, USGS and NOAA though and I am now probably on a government watch list because I do not believe the Earth is round anymore (it is at least 5 dimensions curled up) and because I also had a crush on Jodi Foster when I was younger… Many/most Science papers attempt to explain everything that happens on Earth using only 5% of the mass and energy available, ie. rock, snow, metal, water, air, etc., All caveman stuff. Now could you put a 100 piece puzzle together if you were missing 95 of the pieces??  As far as I can tell that is why we have so many “phenomena” around, which creates lots of job security and PhDs studying these phenomena and helping to predict new phenomena and movie making about the phenomena.

So in my research I noticed that many big ass hurricanes tended to be approaching many big ass holes in the Earth as well as triggering seismic activity BEFORE, during and after they visit.  This is in ADDITION to all the crazy ass stuff going on in the atmosphere, including strange noises, rings and ice halos, megatons of condensing and planes dropping like rocks.  This played out with Hurricane Isaac as it approached an area that had lots of seismic activity a few months previous as well as a big ass sinkhole open up in Bayou Corne, LA.  It went directly over this.  I noticed that Hurricane Irene also approached an area in Stafford, Virginia and the surrounding area with lots of sinkholes opening up and a large Earthquake in 2011.  Subsequently I tracked Tropical Storm Rafael to an Earthquake swarm over Puerto Rico last year.  That gave me courage to predict that Hurricane Sandy, while it was still in the Carribean would approach an area of large sinkholes that opened up a few months earlier in the Erie canal area, which it did.  There was also an Earthquake in the area prior to Sandy arriving.

So here are links to recently published articles about Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene and their relationship to Earthquakes:

The scientists are getting much closer, although it will be hard for one of them to jump up and shout out ITS STRINGS OF VACUUM ENERGY AND THE EARTH IS A BRANE AND OUR SEVERE WEATHER IS CAUSED BY OUR QUANTUM GRAVITY FIELD AND MORE BRANES ORBITING THROUGH AND AROUND US! Say what? Those will be the last words they hear before they lose their research position and funding and have to take take a job making more Michio Kaku crop circle wands to peddle in Wiltshire, England. Meanwhile I’ve decided to take an engineering job designing a superconducting half mile long crop circle wand extension cord that can handle the voltage drop so we have less electrocuted physicists making the circles.


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