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Where Branes Remain there will be Rain (and Pain)

May 29, 2013

I am travelling today but I thought I would post a quick screenshot.  I can see a fairly straight jet stream through the center of the country across Oklahoma that follows a path of the sinkholes I have tracked for 6 months and seismic activity over the past 30 days (I added the last 30 days of seismic activity – yellow dots from USGS).  I think some of that seismic activity may be caused by theses 1-branes that are stringing into the area from the jet stream they are creating above and through the Earth. It appears there was recently seismic activity near Moore, Oklahoma in the past month, along with the large devastating tornado.  According to my research and theory, until those strings evaporate, they will continue to pull a vacuum in their area, increasing the chances for severe weather and tornadoes through enormous vacuum condensing, which may be for the next few months. Eventually, after the strings evaporate/coalesce/break up through string interactions, the jet streams will move on and be influenced by other vacuum particle strings. These massive energetic strings in the jet streams are the source of the MEGATONS of energy from those severe storms, not the atmosphere, which is just a bunch of itty-bitty particles & strings minding their own business. No wonder there is ALWAYS a probability of rain, IT IS QUANTUM.

5-29-13 WeatherGodspeed

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