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Jekyl & Hyde

May 30, 2013

3024062-jekyll_and_hyde_by_injurdninjaIf it were me looking for the remaining 95% of the energy in the Universe (actually I am, mostly in my mind…) I would head to the Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri areas where there have been:

Severe Tornadoes (Many Megatons of Energy Released) including NOW

Multiple Earthquakes in the past 30 days (Many kilotons/tons Of Energy Released)

Strong Jet streams Overhead for the past month (Many Megatons of Wind Energy Released)

Flooding (Megatons of Condensing) over the past few weeks

Mother Earth is pointing us to the location, just go find those energetic vacuum strings overhead in the atmosphere and entering into the Earth near the location of those shallow earthquakes and sinkholes and according to my research and theory you will find both the creator and the reaper, lets just call him Jekyl & Hyde for now…

HOW WEIRD IS THAT!  Down the Quantum Rabbit Hole?

5-30-13 Weather Oklahoma h

Pins are sinkholes from last 5 months. Orange dots are 30 day seismic activity, shallow earthquakes

5-30-13 Jet Stream5-30-13 Weather Oklahoma g5-30-13 Weather Oklahoma f 5-30-13 Weather Oklahoma e 5-30-13 Weather Oklahoma d 5-30-13 Weather Oklahoma c 5-30-13 Weather Oklahoma b 5-30-13 Weather Oklahoma


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