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Mommy, why…?

May 31, 2013

Child: Mommy, why are cumulonimbus clouds flat on the bottom?

Mommy: Because they are BRANES


Magnificent cumulonimbus

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  1. Do you think the especially powerful tornadoes yesterday in OK are being enhanced by the addition of what the Feb meteor in Russia added to the Earth’s circulation?

    • Sue,

      Yes, I believe an active Sun and recent CMEs, as well as orbital “branes” such as the Russian Meteor all charge up the jet streams, which as I have said are created by this vacuum energy. The path of the jet stream is influenced by where these strings (1-branes) are going into the Earth. Unfortunately for Oklahoma City, they have had many shallow Earthquakes over the past couple months and sinkholes (a massive one just opened) and I believe that those strings entering the Earth in that area are directing all of this vacuum energy, They have pulled the jet streams into the area. The vacuum energy is condensing the water vapor in the atmosphere and pulling a large vacuum, or suction on the surrounding area creating the massive tornadoes and flooding. This is a result of our quantum gravity field and will be influenced by any massive branes. Our Sun is the primary generator of this vacuum energy in our solar System. This is not the Earth creating these disturbances, it is our quantum gravitational field, which is not nice and smooth like Einstein envisioned. It is very “stormy” and varies in concentration

      Thanks for following


  2. Ive been looking at Russian weather maps for a while now but there hasn’t been any ‘notorious’ weather in the area of Chelyabinsk, although a small plume of moisture is often nearby, Is it going to take longer for its orbit to decrease and for it to pull that vacuum towards and across the
    area? Maybe it has a greater orbit because it was a greater size? Thanks for sharing your ideas! After a lifetime of armchair meteorology I am seeing it all in an enhanced light 🙂

    • Sue,

      In my covered brane world, it is impossible to tell the trajectories of the quantum particle(s) that may have escaped from inside the shell of that meteor when it exploded. They may have passed right through the Earth and back out into space or they may have taken up final orbits in a different locations on Earth. I thought it was interesting that a large fireball was seen in California about the same time as the Russian Meteor/Fireball:
      I think the longer this stuff sits out in space the more dust/matter it collects around its core, so you cannot necessarily go by the diamter to get the mass. Sorry I cannot be more helpful, but this stuff appears to be very squirrly.

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