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It’s Raining Frogs, Toads and Snakes Again…

June 2, 2013

Hell on Earth, the nightmare depicted by Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel in his mid-16th-century The Triumph of Death reflects the social upheaval and terror that followed the plague that devastated medieval Europe.

Let’s all suppose that the universe is 95% dark/vacuum energy and that it DOES trigger our severe weather through vacuum condensing from these dark/vacuum energy particles and strings, primarily as a result of our quantum gravity field not being particularly(pun) smooth in a spacetime sort of way.  Let’s also suppose that dark matter branes do form the nucleus of planets and stars and comets and such.  It stands to reason that a large increase in this vacuum energy orbiting through our world would wreak havoc on humanity if it were to happen.  I have tried to show how this vacuum energy, while energetic, is the great cosmic vacuum cleaner, ionizing its surroundings and extracting entropy, condensing water vapor and pulling a vacuum as well as condensing atoms and triggering low energy nuclear reactions in its surroundings and weakening earthen matter along its orbital path.

So lets go back 666 years ago once again and re-look at events called the “Black Death”, that led to the die-off of 1/4 to 1/2 of the TOTAL populations of much of Europe and Asia in a VERY SHORT TIME.  I realize it was all blamed on rats and fleas and resulting disease, including bubonic plague, but let’s open our minds to another possibility for what triggered the death of hundreds of millions of people. Let’s put on our dark glasses and see the events of 1348 and later in 540 AD in a new light.

Much of the information below has been pulled from the following book: New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection by dendrochronologist Mike Baillie of Queen’s University, Belfast, Ireland and extracted from a more thorough summary you can find at

Along with the science, Baillie cites contemporary evidence – some of this evidence has been relegated to “myth” – from around the globe that indicate that the earth was, indeed, subjected to bombardment from space during the 14th century and that this may very well have been not only the cause of the 25 January 1348 earthquake, but also the cause of the Black Death. Baillie quotes a great selection of material from contemporary accounts including the work of Ziegler cited above:

Droughts, floods, earthquakes, locusts, subterranean thunder, unheard of tempests, lightning, sheets of fire, hail stones of marvelous size, fire from heaven, stinking smoke, corrupted atmosphere, a vast rain of fire, masses of smoke. (Ziegler)

Ziegler discounts entirely reports of a black comet seen before the arrival of the epidemic but records: heavy mists and clouds, falling stars, blasts of hot wind, a column of fire, a ball of fire, a violent earth tremor, in Italy a crescendo of calamity involving earthquakes, following which, the plague arrived. (Baillie) 

As it happens, in the 1340s there was a veritable rash of earthquakes. In Rosemary Horrox’s book, The Black Death, quoted by Baillie, we find that a contemporary writer in Padua reported that not only was there a great earthquake on 25 January 1348, but it was at the twenty-third hour.

In the thirty-first year of Emperoro Lewis, around the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul (25 January) there was an earthquake throughout Carinthia and Carniola which was so severe that everyone feared for their lives. There were repeated shocks, and on one night the earth shook 20 times. Sixteen cities were destroyed and their inhabitants killed.… Thirty-six mountain fortresses and their in habitants were destroyed and it was calculated that more than 40,000 men were swallowed up or overwhelmed.

(The author goes on to say that he received information from “a letter of the house of Friesach to the provincial prior of Germany):

It says in the same letter that in this year [1348] fire falling from heaven consumed the land of the Turks for 16 days; that for a few days it rained toads and snakes, by which many men were killed: that a pestilence has gathered strength in many parts of the world. (Horrox)

From Samuel Cohn’s book:

… a dragon at Jerusalem like that of Saint George that devoured all that crossed its path …. A city of 40,000 … totally demolished by the fall from heaven of a great quantity of worms, big as a fist with eight legs, which killed all by their stench and poisonous vapours. (Cohn)

A story by the Dominican friar Bartolomeo:

massive rains of worms and serpents in parts of China, which devoured large numbers of people. Also in those parts fire rained from Heaven in the form of snow (ash), which burnt mountains, the land, and men. And from this fire arose a pestilential smoke that killed all who smelt it within twelve hours, as well as those who only saw the poison of that pestilential smoke. (Cohn)

Cohn writes:

Nor were such stories merely the introductory grist of naïve merchants and possibly crazed friars … [even] … Petrarch’s closes friend, Louis Sanctus, before embarking on his careful reporting of the plague… claimed that in September floods of frogs and serpents throughout India had presaged the coming to Europe in January of the three pestilential Genoese galleys… [even] … the English chronicler Henry Knighton … [reported how] … at Naples the whole city was destroyed by earthquake and tempest. Numerous chroniclers reported earthquakes around the world, which prefigured the unprecedented plague. Most narrowed the event to Vespers, 25 January 1348. […] 

Of these earthquakes that “destroyed many cities, towns, churches, monasteries, towers, along with their people and beasts of burden, the worst hit was Villach in southern Austria. Chroniclers in Italy, Germany, Austria, Slavonia, and Poland said it was totally submerged by the quake with one in 10 surviving. (Cohn)

A continental text dated Sunday 27 April 1348 states:

They say that in the three months from 25 January [1348] to the present day, a total of 62,000 bodies were buried in Avignon. (Horrox)

A German treatise unearthed by Horrox says:

Insofar as the mortality arose from natural causes its immediate cause was a corrupt and poisonous earthy exhalation, which infected the air in various parts of the world… I say it was the vapour and corrupted air which has been vented – or so to speak purged – in the earthquake that occurred on St. Paul’s day [1348], along with the corrupted air vented in other earthquakes and eruptions, which has infected the air above the earth and killed people in various parts of the world. (Horrox)

As Baillie notes, if this oft-cited earthquake was, in reality, the result of cometary impacts then the corrupted air could be from one or two causes: high-energy chemical transformations in the atmosphere or outgassings from the earth itself.  (If dark matter were to ionize Nitrogen as well as water vapor in the atmosphere, you can get ammonia, which was detected in ice cores from periods of known cometary impacts – see the Haber Process). This would also be poisonous to humans in large concentrations.

The German Historian, Hecker, informs us:

On the island of Cyprus, the plague from the East had already broken out; when an earthquake shook the foundations of the island, and was accompanied by so frightful a hurricane, that the inhabitants… fled in dismay… The sea overflowed… Before the earthquake, a pestiferous wind spread so poisonous an odour that many, being overpowered by it, fell down suddenly and expired in dreadful agonies. … and as at that time natural occurrences were transformed into miracles, it was reported that a fiery meteor, which descended on the earth far in the East, had destroyed everything within a circumference of more than a hundred leagues, infecting the air far and wide. (Cohn)


A medieval painting dated 1456 AD, depicting a pass of Halley’s Comet.

Jon Arrizabalaga compiled a selection of writings in an attempt to understand what educated people were saying about the Black Death while it was happening. Regarding the terms used by doctors and other medical people in 1348 to describe the plague, he writes:

One… Jacme d’Agramaont, discussed it in terms of an “epidemic or pestilence and mortalities of people” which threatened Lerida from “some parts and regions neighbouring to us” … Agramont said nothing concerning the term epidemia, but he extensively developed what he meant by pestilencia. He gave this latter term a very peculiar etymology, in accordance with a from of knowledge established by Isidore of Seville (570=636) in his Etymologiae, which came to be widely accepted throughout Europe during the Middle Ages. He split the term pestilencia up into three syllables, each having a particular meaning: pes = tempesta: ‘storm, tempest’; te = ‘temps, time’, lencia = clardat: ‘brightness, light’; hence, he concluded, the pestilencia was ‘the time of tempest caused by light from the stars.’

As it happens, Isidore of Seville lived not long after another period of cometary bombardment over Europe which is also evident in the tree ring and ice core studies. On August 17, 1999, the Knight Ridder Washington Bureau published an article by Robert S. Boyd entitled: Comets may have caused Earth’s great empires to fall which included the following:

Analysis of tree rings shows that at in 540 AD in different parts of the world the climate changed. Temperatures dropped enough to hinder the growth of trees as widely dispersed as northern Europe, Siberia, western North America, and southern South America. 

A search of historical records and mythical stories pointed to a disastrous visitation from the sky during the same period, it is claimed. There was one reference to a “comet in Gaul so vast that the whole sky seemed on fire” in 540-41. 

According to legend, King Arthur died around this time, and Celtic myths associated with Arthur hinted at bright sky Gods and bolts of fire.

In the 530s, an unusual meteor shower was recorded by both Mediterranean and Chinese observers. Meteors are caused by the fine dust from comets burning up in the atmosphere. Furthermore, a team of astronomers from Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland published research in 1990 which said the Earth would have been at risk from cometary bombardment between the years 400 and 600 AD. […] 

Famine followed the crop failures, and hard on its heels bubonic plague that swept across Europe in the mid-6th century. […]

At this time, the Roman emperor Justinian was attempting to regenerate the decaying Roman empire. But the plan failed in 540 and was followed by the Dark Ages and the rise of Islam.

There is a large body of material from that period which consistently points to a “corrupted atmosphere,” breathe the air and you die”, and somehow, the ocean was involved as well as earthquakes and comets and fireballs in the sky. A report of the Medical Faculty of Paris prepared in October 1348 says:

Another possible cause of corruption, which needs to be borne in mind, is the escape of the rottenness trapped in the center of the earth as a result of earthquakes – something that has indeed recently occurred. (quoted by Baillie)

Dragon-Wallpaper-dragons-13975620-1280-800In short, the French were aware of a series of earthquakes at the time that may have been caused by cometary impacts. One report of that period says that an earthquake lasted for six days and another claimed the period was ten days.

The black death had all of the fingerprints of something occurring on a much larger, global scale than just a bunch of rats and fleas.  Life as we know it cannot exist in a strong vacuum, which to me, appears to vary in concentration across the Earth on any given day.  An upset to our quantum field, caused by other branes such as large comets, will be very hard to prevent. Who will keep the fission reactors cool if this were to happen again?


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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  3. michael permalink


    great article from you, as always. The last 6 months, i tried to verify your ideas, using a ZR100 Casio and taking some highspeedvideos (240fps) from the blue sky. Last autumn the activity was low, but at the end of may this year, (28.05), one day before the great flood of germany, austria began, i recorded massive activities of these white particles, which are zapping from and between the clouds.
    I have uploaded a short samplevideo for you to dropbox.

    It starts around 3 sec lower left, and then at 10 sec lower left and in the middle.
    What do you think about it.


    • Michael,

      Thank you very much! Do you know what your zoom setting was and frame rate? They appear to be fairly low velocity if they are at cloud level. I expect these massive particles have sort a bubble of condensed water vapor around them, just like around a waterspout. They also appear to be changing direction fairly quickly which appears to be quantum behavior. Do you mind if I post them on a blog posting? I will reference you along with the date/location of the video if you have it…

      Thanks for following


      • michael permalink


        Zoom was at 12,5 (max. optical zoom for the ZR100), (HS240/10er) slowmotion with 240 frames per second, date 28.May 2013, near Nuernberg, Bavaria. Therefore these particles possess very high velocities and cannot be seen with the naked eye. At least i can’t.
        Clouds were high, and they appear most likely at the edge of indifferent cloudstructures.
        You can post the video as you like.

        Thank you for your inspiring blog.


      • Michael,

        Thank you for the information. CMEs strike Earth at 30+ miles/sec so each frame might capture .125 miles+ @240 frames/sec so that seems very reasonable. That particle might be no bigger than a proton but I believe it is creating a bubble of condensed water vapor around it. If I am correct, this will be much of the dark matter/energy within our quantum field that we are missing. They decay/evaporate over time but condense a hell of a lot of water vapor before they are gone. Anytime strong jet streams are overhead or you are close to the center of a low pressure system you should be able to find them. I think they are unhealthy for biology in high concentrations but also bring the rains and are required for life.

        Thank you, I will post in the next day or so for readers.


  4. michael permalink

    i’ve uploaded a second video for you from october 2012.
    Realtime is 1,5 seconds, videolenght therefore 15 seconds.
    Even at slowmotion these particles are very fast travelers.


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