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Beauty is Only Skin Deep

June 4, 2013

oklahoma doublerainbow

From CNN:

TULSA, OKLAHOMA (PIX11)– With storms causing so much damage in the central U.S., sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and recognize some of the beauty. CNN I-reporter Doug Simonton snapped this photograph in Tulsa, Oklahoma. When the rain let up, you could clearly see a double rainbow over these homes. Simonton says this picture of calm came after the first line of storms Thursday. Thunderstorm and flood warnings were still in effect when this double rainbow appeared.Several other rounds of storms were yet to come.

Read more:

This Double Rainbow Showed up in a storm (possibly 2 at the same time) prior to the first Tornadic event.  This will be a clue/warning that there are very energetic particle strings overhead, condensing lots of water vapor, creating electromagnetic discharge in the atmosphere and breaking up through string interactions.   You can hear the vacuum it is pulling, creating the wind.

Another one was seen here after the first severe Tornado.

This is my version of the ongoing calamity.

Oklahoma Tornado Strings

This is our quantum field killing us guys, from megatons of dark/vacuum energy, not air and water vapor, we have been duped.


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  1. michael permalink


    the beauty of a rainbow is always breathtaking.
    When i was a child, my grandmother told me a fairytale,
    that sometimes, you can find gold at the end of a rainbow.
    Transmutation, perhaps?


    Thank you for the inspiration.

    • You got it. Grandma was correct Veins of minerals if he would just hang around long enough….The big ones in the jet streams appear to hang around for months, and enter into the Earth at one spot, that is where to look after they evaporate. Just don’t hang around too long or he may transmute you or quantumly teleport small parts of you according to my research…
      Thanks for following and sharing your video.

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