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When the Sun is Vomitous it will Flooditus

June 4, 2013
Hochwasser in Passau

6-3-13 Flood Stricken Germany.  This is the result of vacuum condensing from strings and particles expelled from the Sun

My kids hate it when I rhyme while I am talking and connect crazy things, but God makes room for all of us.  So here are some of the headlines from across the pond:

Central Europe Hit By Deadly Floods

Flooding In Czech Republic, Austria, Germany Cause Devastation And Deaths, Prague Threatened By Rising Waters

So one of my loyal readers took it upon himself to post a video of the sky before the torrential rains.  This is in addition to the reader that sent me video/photos a few months ago from footage taken before Hurricane Debby in Florida. The video below is played in slow motion: 1.5 seconds real time = 15 seconds of video.  CMEs strike Earth between 30 miles/sec up to a few thousand miles per second.  I do not believe those are seagulls flying at tens of miles per second in the video…  As you know we have had a VERY active Sun in the past couple of weeks


Great article from you, as always. The last 6 months, i tried to verify your ideas, using a ZR100 Casio and taking some highspeedvideos (240fps) from the blue sky. Last autumn the activity was low, but at the end of may this year, (28.05), one day before the great flood of germany, austria began, i recorded massive activities of these white particles, which are zapping from and between the clouds.
I have uploaded a short samplevideo for you to dropbox.

It starts around 3 sec lower left, and then at 10 sec lower left and in the middle.
What do you think about it? (Dude, I think its Cool!)

Zoom was at 12,5 (max. optical zoom for the ZR100), (HS240/10er) slowmotion with 240 frames per second, date 28.May 2013, near Nuernberg, Bavaria. Therefore these particles possess very high velocities and cannot be seen with the naked eye. At least i can’t.
Clouds were high, and they appear most likely at the edge of indifferent cloudstructures.
You can post the video as you like.

Thank you for your inspiring blog.


You can see the white, flaky looking particles zooming around, interacting with each other.  A government really needs to get a high speed camera airborne and take a close look at these particles.  The faster the shutter speed the better, given enough light.  You should find them near jet streams and low pressure systems.  Maybe they could use some of the holes we have over here to drain all of the water they have over there…

Michael sent me one more link to an earlier video:

i’ve uploaded a second video for you from october 2012.
Realtime is 1,5 seconds, videolenght therefore 15 seconds.
Even at slowmotion these particles are very fast travelers.

It appears to me that the real game in this universe is taking place at hundreds to thousands of miles per second and we are just deer in the headlights caught in the quantum crossfire….

This will act as my THIRD OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT THAT DARK/VACUUM ENERGY HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED BY THE PEOPLE and I think that among other things, it is dumping volumes of water on our heads.


Until further notice all football games will be moved to the indoor stadium and  all swim meets will be moved to the outdoor football field…


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