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Ain’t No Damn Way

June 20, 2013

130619_waterspout_lgThis waterspout showed up yesterday off the coast of Louisiana.  Ain’t no damn way wind circulation from above is vacuum evaporating and vacuum condensing water vapor over the surface of the ocean like that and holding tons and tons of water vapor in a column hundreds of feet high.  Just ain’t no damn way.  I do energy balances, pump hydraulics and vacuum calculations all of the time and I know how much energy it takes and the air can’t provide that unless we are living in Oz.  Something is lowering the gas pressure over the water surface, vacuum evaporating water while at the same time vacuum condensing water vapor in the atmosphere, usually either process will release heat and kill the vacuum due to an increase in pressure.  Something is able to hold a fairly constant vacuum pressure in that column, regardless of what is happening to any enthalpy(heat) released. Something is extracting entropy/particles from the atmosphere and causing that low pressure disturbance.  Don’t even try to convince me otherwise with any funnybook geophysical air balances.  Those might be their downspouts in the background of the video, I am not sure. Those be branes from our quantum field. You believe what you want.


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