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Better by Far to Embrace the Hard Truth

June 21, 2013

Carl, science has toiled for thousands of years to understand how things work in this universe.  While there is order, there is also disorder. They appear to go hand in hand.  God does play dice, but he hides the dice very well.  String theorists have toiled for decades to understand how the universe unfolded. They have done much of this through studying equations and looking to the heavens. They have predicted extra dimensions of spacetime, energetic particles and strings and membranes and topological defects that unfolded and decayed as the universe evolved.  They realize that 95% of the mass-energy in the universe appears to be “hidden” from our view.  We, as humans were given three dimensions of space to play in, and a sense of time that is rightfully measured through atomic decay, as that is really a reflection of our lives, which flicker on and off in a cosmic instant.

My theory is really not some new discovery based upon years of research as much as it is based upon 25 years of practical engineering performing mass and energy balances and designing vacuum evaporators and vacuum condensers and heat exchanger equipment, all pretty mundane stuff.  I understand the practical aspects of a vacuum.  I know how a vacuum interacts with gasses and liquids.  Once I took this idea of those energetic particles we know are streaming towards Earth from the Sun and combined it with my hunch that these particles and strings might be “collapsed, subatomic matter” and might “pull a vacuum” in our atmosphere and condense water vapor everything changed.  All of a sudden I started to see these effects in our severe weather patterns and jet streams, including hurricanes and tornadoes and research that linked earthquakes and these atmospheric effects, which included electromagnetic and low energy decay in the Earth we call sinkholes and earthquakes.

All of those topological defects that scientists believe unfolded at the time of the early universe appear to be unfolding daily in our sky, just look around you with this new awareness and you will see them, they are decaying right above our heads.  Many of those cloud patterns appear to be branes predicted by string theory along with gravity waves and such, they are all hiding in a cloud of condensed water vapor.  I believe more strongly than ever that the Sun is surrounded by a gravity field made of billions and billions of tons of these collapsed energetic particles and strings and the Earth is passing through that field constantly.  We misinterpret many of the fireballs and meteorites as rocks when in fact I believe they are branes that accelerate into our world and create both the variety and uncertainty in our lives.

This leads me to believe that many orbiting objects in space have energetic branes as their nuclei, including comets, which are very energetic and their orbits very uncertain.  We need to be very careful of ISON. If ISON or another comet happens to have collapsed nuclei that are massive, they will become very energetic as they approach other gravitational bodies and lay down their own gravity field of energetic collapsed quantum particles in all directions around them and along their path.  This will only add to the uncertainty we experience in our lives if we pass through them.

This is what my research is telling me and I share it with you with all sincerity.


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