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Plenty of holes for all that water to flow into…

June 27, 2013

I have updated the map with the latest sinkholes, there are too many to mention. What I am looking for is areas of condensing of water vapor above sinkholes and seismic activity as well as strong jet streams, because my research is telling me those jet streams are “energized” by those energetic dark/vacuum particle strings entering into the Earth in the locations of the sinkholes and seismic activity, gradually decaying the Earth.  This map includes National Weather Service Reflectivity, Satellite Cloud Data, all seismic activity for the past month and sinkholes I have been plotting since January.  These dark/vacuum particle strings, if they exist, are part of our decaying quantum gravity field, which just happens to create our weather while it is decaying, which sounds strange at first, but I am getting used to it.

They had a couple of fairly strong Earthquakes today in Washington State and I have been noticing strong jet streams over that area for a few weeks along with some sinkholes and other seismic activity.  If my theory is correct look for low pressure system(s) to work their way toward that area over the next few weeks to months if those are aggressive particle strings weakening the Earth and gradually decaying overhead in jet streams. Unfortunately I cannot match from the satellite data which low pressure areas approaching along the equatorial jet might a be connected to which sinkhole/seismic until they get closer.  That will require some type of electromagnetic signature matching, which I think can be done.

If you back up and look at the big picture, to me there appears to be a connection, and that “coupling mechanism” researched prior to earthquakes between the Earth’s lithosphere, atmosphere and ionosphere is actually these energetic particle strings decaying.  While they decay, they pull a vacuum, gradually ionize and condense and collapse their surroundings, because that is what dark matter does, one atom at a time…

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