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Where oceans turn red, look for him

June 28, 2013

This map shows current red tide in Florida.  Area of high concentrations are those green tags along the coast and in the bay. You will notice that it is prevalent in the Tampa area right now.  Coincidentally? that area also has had high radar reflectivity as well as many sinkholes.  My research and theory says that area currently may have a high concentration of vacuum energy, ionizing the area and creating the uncertainty to all.  That area has also had many waterspouts over the past couple of months, which I believe are also caused by vacuum energy.  I just read the following summary:


The red tide organism, Karenia brevis, is a part of the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem and can be found in low concentrations at any time. Blooms or red tides occur when very high concentrations of red tide cells occur. Blooms are most likely to occur from August through November although there have been red tides in every month of the year. Scientists are working to develop a complete understanding of the physical, chemical and biological parameters that lead to red tide’s formation and persistence. Parameters such as temperature, salinity, currents, nutrients and competing species all may contribute to bloom conditions. One recently published theory regarding bloom initiation involves the transport of iron on dust particles from the Sahara desert (Walsh and Steidinger, 2001). The iron is essential to growth of the blue-green alga, trichodesmium. It is thought that trichodesmium, through its cellular activity, provides nutrients needed for the Florida red tide organism to grow. Scientists continue to collect data to in an attempt to validate this theory.

Walsh, J. J. and K.A. Steidinger, 2001. Saharan Dust and Florida red tides: The cyanophyte connection. Journal of Geophysical Research 106:11597-11612.

So, hopefully you read my post on rivers turning red from Iron Oxide.  I tend to agree with the research above that if Saharan dust is being sucked up by strings of dark vacuum energy, transported in the equatorial jet stream and deposited in the Tampa area, that is another indicator that large low pressure system(s) may be working their way across the Sahara towards Tampa, bringing possible hurricane(s) and tropical storms with them. Let’s watch and see.


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