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It’s a Serious Thing

June 29, 2013

So I have this new even stranger belief that time is really not passing and that we are all just decaying, some faster than others depending upon the energy level of dark/vacuum particles orbiting through and around us as part of our quantum gravity field, which we just happen to interpret as our our weather because that is what the cavemen did, which is all just “vacua”, which is a really cool word the physicists use that makes me sound smart too so I am going to use it.  It was bad enough that I can’t look up in the sky anymore and see clouds and that I envision micro black holes orbiting through New York City last Fall as a quantum disturbance we named Sandy and I mostly think about how I am going to dodge these dark particle strings the size of a proton that I can’t even see that are gradually ionizing me on my way back to the vacuum.

I also wonder if those particles in the tail of ISON that Earth is going to pass through in January 2014 might ionize us faster and just increase uncertainty in our world. I have it in my mind that if we were to take up home in the lowest vacuum energy area of space we can find, away from our Sun, we might live for hundreds or thousands of years before decaying, as long as we can block/dodge energetic particles and radiation that comes our way. Of course life might not be as “exciting” as all of the crazy stuff that happens in our lives now.

Anyway, here is a new weather video with radar reflectivity, satellite cloud layer, sinkholes, fish kills, bee deaths, waterspouts, seismic activity, red tide and manatee deaths and pelican and dolphin deaths in Lee County and Brevard Counties of Florida, phew.  I realize that is quite a combination, but stay with me. I keep looking at the Tampa area of Florida and it seems to have all the warning signs of high concentrations of vacuum energy that I have been talking about, which might pull low pressure systems that way, including tropical storms and hurricanes.  The jet stream seems to be hanging over that area of Florida. I noticed last summer, Lake Erie had a large number of waterspouts, fish and bird kills through the summer/fall prior to Hurricane Sandy approaching the area of those sinkholes, and that really, well, freaks me out just a bit.  I can’t really say whether the storm(s) will loop around through the gulf or cross the State of Florida on their way to the Tampa area if they do approach, All I can say is that it all appears to be quantum, which, by definition brings a level of uncertainty with it.


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  1. Nichole permalink

    I have thought along these same lines. We are truly stardust – pardon the song reference – and just as stars decay at varying speeds, so do we.

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