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Our Landscape is full of Vacua, Please Avoida

June 29, 2013

Figure V-3. Photo of large winter waterspout off Whitby, Ontario on January 26, 1994. (Source: Environment Canada, non-commercial use only)

The string theory landscape or anthropic landscape refers to the large number of possible false vacua in string theory.[1]The “landscape” includes so many possible configurations that some physicists[who?] think that the known laws of physics, the standard model and general relativity with a positive cosmological constant, occur in at least one of them. The anthropic landscape refers to the collection of those portions of the landscape that are suitable for supporting human life, an application of the anthropic principle that selects a subset of the theoretically possible configurations.

From Brittanica

Contrary to popular opinion, a waterspout does not “suck up” water to great heights, though it may lift the water level a metre or so at its point of contact with the surface. It is suspected, but remains unproven, that waterspouts sometimes draw fish and frogs into its vortex and then drop them onto land, thus accounting for the reported falls of such objects.

From Wilkipedia
Waterspouts do not suck up water; the water seen in the main funnel cloud is actually water droplets formed by condensation.[4]

Now, take a look at the waterspout crossing onto land in the Tampa, FL area and tell me that waterspouts do not suck up water.  You will see that the waterspout can no longer suck up water and the existing water in the spout actually gets sucked up into the cloud CREATED FROM THE STRING(S) OF VACUUM ENERGY WITHIN THE WATERSPOUT AND POSSIBLY A BRANE ABOVE.  That string continues over land until it decays, and humans don’t even realize it, except for maybe a gust of wind…

From NOAA:

Dr. Joseph Golden distinguishes five stages of waterspout formation:

  1. Dark spot. A prominent circular, light-colored disk appears on the surface of the water, surrounded by a larger dark area of indeterminate shape and with diffused edges.
  2. Spiral pattern. A pattern of light and dark-colored surface bands spiraling out from the dark spot which develops on the water surface.
  3. Spray ring. A dense swirling annulus (ring) of sea spray, called a cascade, appears around the dark spot with what appears to be an eye similar to that seen in hurricanes. [That’s because they are both created from vacuum strings]
  4. Mature vortex. The waterspout, now visible from water surface to the overhead cloud mass, achieves maximum organization and intensity. Its funnel often appears hollow, with a surrounding shell of turbulent condensate. The spray vortex can rise to a height of several hundred feet or more and often creates a visible wake and an associated wave train as it moves. [Wait, the other guys said that was condensation]
  5. Decay. The funnel and spray vortex begin to dissipate as the inflow of warm air into the vortex weakens.  [Show me the warm air in the winter waterspout picture at the top?].  The dark matter in the string decays over time, it has nothing to do with the air.

Actually the string will be vacuum evaporating water at the surface of the ocean/lake and and vacuum condensing water vapor along its surface in the atmosphere and probably killing a few fish in the mean time.

Now, which one of us is full of vacuous hot air?  All I can think of is Liar, Liar Pants on Fire?


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