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Killing us Softly

June 30, 2013
7-1-13 Weather

7-1-13 Weather Doppler

I have placed another video of the US weather (radar reflectivity and satellite), fish, bird and animal kills, sinkholes, seismic and red tide in Florida (green tags w/ water colored red).  It appears to me there is a good correlation between the above areas and radar reflectivity/clouds, which is actually bad for us.  If these are energetic dark matter/vacuum particles expelled from the Sun causing the weather, they should gradually ionize their surroundings.  In the water that can mean ionizing dissolved oxygen right out of the water and combining with minerals such as iron (Fe2O3) and such and possibly triggering the red tides, which affects the entire aquatic food chain.  I am pretty convinced the area between Tampa and Brevard is going to have bad weather and much uncertainty until all of those particles decay, which can be months. Until then, biology will remain ill where those vacuum particles are entering into the area.  Those particles are also creating electromagnetic discharge, such as lightning in their surroundings, I wonder if some of those pelicans, dolphins and manatees are getting electrocuted?  Some of them are choking and are becoming paralyzed.  Those strings may be discharging directly into the salt water in the intracoastal…  They just had another severe storm yesterday in Brevard, FL.

You know, if you were never taught anything about the weather you would probably wonder where all of the atmospheric energy is coming from, wouldn’t you? How does inert Nitrogen and Oxygen and some water vapor lift houses and 18 wheelers and water columns containing tons of water?  I went back to that waterspout that crossed onto land in Tampa I posted yesterday and figured that spout was lifting tons of water at a speed of 40-50 Miles Per Hour, which if you think about it is really impossible for just air and water vapor to do.  Take a look at the clouds tomorrow and see if you can spot wispy particle tracks, gravity waves and such, now that I have taught you correctly. I guess this is why background radiation typically increases during rain/bad weather, it is the decay of dark matter particles releasing low energy Hawking radiation. It is no wonder weather models aren’t good for prediction more than 5 days or so out.  Unless they include electromagentic and gravitational string interactions in addition to the thermodynamic interactions they will only have part of the puzzle.

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