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July 1, 2013
7-1-13 Weathera

7-1-13 Weather & Jet Streams over Florida. Areas with strong jet streams/storms include a high number of sinkholes, waterspouts, tornadoes, fish and animal kills and red tide and are marked.

In case anybody wants to reference my work or add to it I am all for it. I have updated my about/copyright page and have listed the clarifications below. I do not want to hold up/prevent anybody else from doing related research. My research is more the practical/logical application of theories put together by scientists much smarter than me.  My theory: Bottom line, our atmosphere, made up of air & water vapor is not capable by itself of all of the high energy phenomena that we see and that we call the “weather”.  We need to wake up and the sooner the better.  Our quantum gravity field, expelled from the Sun as energetic branes (from M Theory), decay continuously in the space and atmosphere around us, creating our weather and also holding us to this brane we call Earth. What we as humans quantify as time is really our decay, which is also probably why some people live longer on Earth than others, since this quantum field varies in energy levels from day to day depending upon where  we are on Earth. I believe it is the refraction/ducting of pulsed electromagnetic radiation off the quantum vacuum and precipitation in Florida that is killing those dolphins, manatees and pelicans through weak ionization and electromagnetic disharge in the water.

Copyright Information/Claims/Disclaims:

  • I did not come up with string theory and do not make the claim, I am trying to apply it to our weather and earthquakes and such and I link/reference material wherever I can.
  • I did not come up with black holes and do not make the claim, I am just trying to apply the theories to our weather and earthquakes and such and I link/reference material wherever I can. There appear to be branes (particles & strings & membranes) of all different energies coming our way from the Sun.  Black holes may be just one type/energy level.
  • I did come up with my own theory of quantum gravity and related it to our weather and earthquakes, etc. by applying the first two items above, which also might aid in proving string theory and black holes and a unified theory.
  • I don’t claim to be an expert in any field but have a curiosity for all and it is primarily my mind, my beagle (named bagel) and multiple cups of coffee coming up with this stuff. Whenever I get stumped I look to her for direction.  If she wags her tail I know I am on to something.
  • Most of my videos are  from Youtube with shared/embedded links and follows their copyright terms.  If they happen to remove a video somebody else has uploaded that I have referenced, I try to go back and fix it.
  • I have grabbed a lot of pictures off the Internet, most of which do not have copyright information listed and I have tried to reference and link to the original sites for those few that that do.  This blog is an educational/research site to support a theory.  I have done it for the joy and challenge of research and pursuing a theory, which I have never had a great deal of time to do in my career and I thought it would be fun.  If anyone wants me to remove a picture, I will do so immediately. You can spot my personal artwork, it looks like a 3rd grader’s.  If you don’t find my site educational, I hope you might find some of it humorous.
  • I have not yet published information to Arxiv or any other scientific publication, I am trying to gather enough hard information to support my theory and refine it as I go, which is mostly the application of theories of Strings, Black Holes, Dark Matter/Energy and Quantum Gravity, which many brilliant scientists much smarter than I have developed over decades. I might understand vacuum interactions within a gaseous atmosphere a bit better from a practical standpoint, but I do not even claim that.  This stuff appears to decay from some very high energy particles/branes starting at the Sun down to low energy particles that pass through us continuously here on Earth and we all decay over time.
  • My blog publishings are read by 10-15 countries a day and approx. ~200 countries overall so I know there is interest. If others are interested in pursing my work further, I encourage you to do so.  I ask that you reference my work as follows until I actually publish something formally:

“On a Theory of Everything”
Stewart D. Simonson

  • I have used creative commons protection to publish my work.  The “official” terms are shown below and please ignore any others that appear on previous pages (I have to go back and change them which is time consuming).  This allows anybody to reference and build upon my work, if they find themselves compelled to do so.
  • In order to cover any rights I may have if a screenplay is developed based upon part/parts of this blog, I have registered it, in its entirety with the screen actors guild. I am very willing to assist any producer interested.


Creative Commons License
“On a Theory of Everything” by Stewart D. Simonson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at or directly from the author/publisher

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