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Busy Little Beavers?

July 2, 2013

7-2-13 WeatherI try to let my thoughts flow on this blog and share whatever pops out of the quantum vacuum between my ears.  They are telling me that our Sun is very good at colliding and collapsing that hydrogen and curling it up into these little energetic particles at all different energy levels and spewing them out into her surroundings, gradually and continuously collapsing space.  They decay and evaporate, some possibly popping back out as protons/atomic hydrogen, ready to do it all again sometime in the future. Rinse, wash and repeat.  But while they are decaying they appear to trigger all sorts of phenomena in the space around them.  I have it stuck in my head that they can first gradually ionize their surroundings, turning normally inert Nitrogen into atomic Nitrogen allowing it to combine with some of that atomic Hydrogen, maybe forming ammonia (NH4) which was sampled in this fish kill and also found in ice cores during Tunguska.  It could also ionize Oxygen in the atmosphere and could give you the Nitrates (NOx) also sampled in the ice cores in that same article.  It might even ionize the dissolved Oxygen in the water, reducing oxygen levels and triggering fish kills like this one currently going on.  Scientists will tell you it is warm water temperatures or algae doing that, but temperatures change all of the time, and at atmospheric pressure (1 bar), dissolved oxygen levels do not change that much with temperature. Or, if I use my imagination, the magnetic field disturbance along the particle string’s surface might confuse bees that follow those magnetic field lines for navigation home.  If these invisible strings do exist, they might enter into the waterways and conduct electromagnetic disturbances deep below the surface, paralyzing fish and mammals, like what is happening now in Florida, where there has been severe weather this year. These strings would also explain why NASA’s Fermi Telescope was magnetically connected to a storm 2800 miles away. And lastly, those energetic particles might gradually decay the Earth and trigger those sinkholes that are shutting down highways everywhere and triggering shallow Earthquakes, like those in Washington State.  Now if I was correct, then these dark/vacuum particles might leave a signature, possibly vacuum condensing water vapor in the atmosphere along their path, showing up as reflection on Doppler radar or possibly as cloud tracks and jet streams along their paths, as I show below.

7-2-13 Weathera

7-2-13 National Weather Service Radar Reflectivity

7-1-13 Weatherg

7-1-13 Weathere 7-1-13 Weatherc 7-1-13 Weatherb 7-1-13 Weathera

uk2004aq2 fish

You will never solve this mystery without looking at the system as a whole and connecting a lot of dots. But if you believe the weather is just the weather and air and water vapor can create all of that energy above our heads from “thin air”, then maybe I’m wrong and life will go on and humans will continue to gaze in amazement at Mother Earth and all of her mysteries and come up just a bit short in their explanations.


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