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July 3, 2013

I did a quick add of over 150 sinkholes over the past 6 months, fish and animal deaths and waterspouts and approx. 85-90% were located in areas of high doppler reflectivity and clouds.  If I look at seismic, there are a few swarms (ie. Washington State and near Moore, Oklahoma) that have doppler hits and clouds hanging overhead.  Overall, if you take a look at the US in Google Earth from approx. 4500 miles out, you can see a strong correlation with the radar and cloud patterns and all of the sinkholes, etc.  The East cost is covered with them and swamped with rain and the West is very dry.  Areas with high concentrations of vacuum energy have lots of severe weather and uncertainty due to those orbiting weakly interacting particles according to my research

I guess if my theory happened to be correct and we want to live longer lives on Earth, we all need to sell our homes, buy RVs and drive around the country while watching the weather and staying away from areas of high doppler reflectivity and head for clear skies, but stay out of the Sun?

Below are a few videos over the past couple of days for you to ponder. I am storing them on Youtube now because the quality is mo betta.


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