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July 13, 2013

I believe the sooner we come up with a particle/string based model of our weather I think the better off we will all be.  I have been watching that anomalous doppler propagation/reflectivity non-stop for a few weeks over the Tampa & Brevard areas, among others and I think I can explain it in a very simple way.  These are particle strings of dark matter entering into the Earth & waterways in those areas.  As the strings & particles decay, they are creating hydrogen, H+ which is combining with ionized Oxygen, O– and forming water H2O in the atmosphere, which the Doppler is detecting, and depending upon the local dew point/humidity may evaporate immediately to water vapor (it does not actually rain, it just gets “muggy”).  That is what I believe the Doppler is detecting.  Dark matter is gradually ionizing the waterways and reducing dissolved Oxygen in the water by ionizing it also.  It will gradually ionize ALL matter over time.  I call this dark matter stuff “uncertainty”, we humans call its effects names like fish kills, bird kills, manatee kills, waterspouts, severe weather, aging, decay, etc.  It is all triggered by these energetic dark/vacuum particles from the Sun that make up our decaying quantum gravity field.  Problems are opportunities. As engineers we are taught to identify opportunities using science, I am trying to do that as best I can, only using more theoretical science than typical…  We are then taught to solve those opportunities from a technical standpoint.  This “opportunity”, if I am correct, will be humanities GREATEST CHALLENGE.

7-13-13 Florida Weatherc 7-13-13 Florida Weatherb 7-13-13 Florida Weather 7-13-13 Florida Weatherd

Florida Manatee Mortality Statistics

Florida Red Tide Testing (Can be downloaded into Google Earth)

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