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We ain’t no different

July 13, 2013

I thought this was a good video showing twisters on the Sun. They also have them on other planets such as Mercury.  You will understand from this that twisters really are not just thermodynamic swirling of winds but are also electromagnetic (known as lighting discharge here on Earth) and low energy nuclear (dark matter decay).  By the time the “typical” strings reach Earth they are much less energetic as they decay on the way, but they still pack a punch.  You can’t see them on Earth because they are shrouded in a condensed vacuum of clouds, but they are there.  Once you understand that Earth’s weather is not created by the Earth and is really just the Sun’s decaying quantum gravity field, you will realize that any large celestial object that upsets the Sun’s quantum gravity field could wreak havoc on the Earth.  It appears to me that as dark matter decays in our atmosphere, it produces protons and hydrogen, H+, which, after also ionizing Oxygen in the atmosphere to O–, produces H2O.  That is why we FLASH FLOOD and tremendous supercells pop out of “no where”.  That “no where” is the vacuum.


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