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Come to Think of It…

July 20, 2013

Come to think of it, clouds are weakly interacting, RIGHT?
7-20-13 Weather Radar & Satellite
Red Pins: January 2013 Sinkholes
Orange Pins: February 2013 Sinkholes
Yellow Pins: March 2013 Sinkholes
Green Pins: April 2013 Sinkholes
Blue Pins: May 2013 Sinkholes
Purple Pins: June 2013 Sinkholes
Lt Green Pins: July 2013 Sinkholes
Pink Tabs: (W)aterspouts, (F)ish Kills, (T)ornadoes, (I)llness in Water
Light Green Tabs: Red Tide
Doppler Radar Blue/White: Low Energy Echo
Doppler Radar Green/Yellow Red: High Energy Echo
Orange/Yellow Circles are 30 Day Seismic activity 2.5+ from USGS(Just added)
Image Date is in filename

7-20-13 US2 7-20-13 Maine 7-20-13 Mass 7-20-13 Oklahoma2 7-20-13 Colorado 7-20-13 California 7-20-13 Oklahoma 7-20-13 Texas 7-20-13 Gulf 7-20-13 Floridaa 7-20-13 Florida


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