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Just for the heck of it, now that I have your attention, I AM GOING TO REPEAT MYSELF

July 21, 2013

This is how the universe works guys, through continual inflation, decay and collapse of matter (and space) between Branes

sandy ice halos

Sky over Huntsville Alabama Beneath “Cold Front” Hurricane Sandy ” connected to

NASA solar physicist David Hathaway captured the above photo in Huntsville, Alabama two days ago after seeing the strange rings surrounding the afternoon sun. NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office head Bill Cooke says that he had, “never seen anything quite like it.” Another onlooker, Kyle Winkleman, called it a “once-in-a-decade event.” Spaceweather writes that the extremely rare apparition was “almost certainly connected to Hurricane Sandy”:

From a great read on String theory you can read here:

Cosmic strings are fundamental strings that have been blown up to cosmic scales during inflation. Being very massive, they would reveal their presence via gravitational lensing and leave a spectacular signature“D-strings joining with fundamental strings at junctions could lead to a network of strings in the sky, which would be incontrovertible evidence for string theory”, says Green. Such massive strings would also be a source of gravitational waves, so it is possible that gravitational- wave detectors such as LIGO in the US could pick them up. “It’s a long shot, but we should know the answer within 5–10 years,” says Polchinski.

NASA handout image of Hurricane Sandy

GOES Satellite NASA handout image of Hurricane Sandy

You guys got it now, right?  All the pieces are there right? Actionable intelligence, right? Tax money at work, right? You got drones and things right? I think we might be able to magnetically disconnect/annihilate these things in the future and save a lot of lives and lots of money, OK?  Expect lots of thunder and lightning when we do though like we currently have overhead when this stuff interacts and self annihilates now, OK? Lots of  energy to dissipate but should be fun trying. You will probably lose a few drones, but that is what they are for right? Much better than killing each other, right? We build lots of LENR devices to power the planet thru nature’s way of accelerated DECAY and we control the weather to protect our children and families right? OK? What are you waiting for? Let’s get ‘er done.


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