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500 Publishings: Meet My Assistant

July 23, 2013

This is Bagel, when she wags her tail I know I am on to something.

photo (6)

This is my 500th post to this blog in Approx. 330 days.  To be honest, along with my normal daily duties it has been a bit exhausting but I am honored that people from approx. 190 countries from around the world have read my posts.  I am sure you realize I am not a professional researcher but I am a thinker.  I like to read about Nature and Science and “theorize” about how this place works. Our lives pass so quickly everyone should have a theory. To me, since much of my surroundings now appear to be quantum I can never be 100% sure I am correct and like I said before, I hope that through darkness comes light.


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  1. talesfromthelou permalink

    Congratulations! I don’t understand half of what you are talking about but I think you might be on to something. After all, this is the quantum century, no?

    • Lou,
      You got it, this whole place is 95% quantum with a little window dressing splattered on it we call home.
      Thanks for following

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