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July 23, 2013

manateeSo at the bottom of this article is a Google Earth Screen shot of Florida from 9:40 PM this evening, and you will see even clearer that the Doppler Radar reflectivity continues to line up very well with red tide (Karenia Brevis) positive test sampling. It has been that way for the past few months I have been watching.  Now you should ask yourself how on Earth is the weather, which according to most textbooks is primarily puffy clouds and water with a little lightning thrown in, killing hundreds of Manatees, dolphins and pelicans that spend much of their time underwater.

Here is an excerpt from today’s article in Bloomberg


“We’ve had a total of 17(Manatees) come in,” said zookeeper Jennifer Galbraith. “Honestly we wish there were more because the more that come in here means fewer that end up on the necropsy table. We’ve lost over 400, and we saved only 17. That’s not good.”

Now I don’t ask anybody to believe me, please go ahead and open Google Earth and download the data from the following and see for yourself.  I happen to have done my own research and developed a theory that has led me to this awareness, which actually appears pretty obvious to me now, but I want you to see it for yourself and forget anything I ever told you.

Download the Red Tide Data into Google Earth from Here

Download the almost real-time Doppler Radar Reflectivity data from the National Weather Service from Here

Manatee Deaths by County are here

Here is an article discussing pelicans and dolphin deaths

You can download my latest set of pins for sinkholes, waterspouts, fish kills, weird stuff, etc. from here.

7-23-13 940 PM

7-23-13 9:40 PM Florida with NWS Doppler Reflectivity, Red Tide and Waterspout, Sinkhole Data


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