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Did You Know…

July 23, 2013

16 Fisker Karmas burned up on the lot during Hurricane Sandy

Did you you know The Fisker Karma body is made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum similar to the Dreamliner?

Did you know the Fisker Karma uses a 20 KWh lithium-ion battery pack ?

Did you know that my research tells me Hurricane Sandy was created by orbital dark/vacuum energy decaying in our jet streams?

Did you know the Dreamliner cruises very close to those jet streams at around 41,000 feet?

Did you know dark matter is a candidate for the dearth of Lithium in the universe?

Did you know the Dreamliner has had two different types of Lithium Ion batteries overheat and catch fire along with other electrical problems?

Did you know that during Hurricane Sandy 16 Fisker Karmas in New Jersey caught fire sitting in a parking lot and they blamed it on something other than the batteries, specifically salt water? Other hybrids also caught fire around New Jersey according to Fisker.

Did you know Jet Streams and Hurricanes contain massive amounts of energy?

Did you know that dark matter/energy is supposed to make up 95% of the energy in the universe?

Just checking.


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