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Pray for My Decay?

July 30, 2013

7-30-13 Current Atlanta, GA Sky
(Lots of Particle Tracks)

7-30-13 Atlanta Sky 2

Do those even look like “Clouds” to you guys? Those are filaments of dark/vacuum energy particles decaying over my head and probably passing through my head. Oh well, I guess I should feel lucky for what I have, even though IT IS DECAYING

7-30-13 Atlanta Doppler

7-30-13 Atlanta Doppler & Sinkholes





  1. My old home town! The skies in Michigan have been crazy lately too. When I go to Chicago it is worse than anything I have ever seen.

    • Beautiful Countryside in Michigan I grew up in Maine. I noticed lots of sinkholes up that way and foul weather through the Winter. I think since we are at a solar max there is a higher concentration of this vacuum particle stuff entering Earth’s atmosphere, possibly creating the flooding around the world. I am a little concerned about passing through ISON’s tail next January as I believe it may contain some of the same energetic particle stuff.
      Thanks for following

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