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Quantum Whiplash?

August 11, 2013

EarthSo I thought I would comment on what my research and theory says about the extreme weather. I am going to explain this from an engineering standpoint and not meteorological(that is a hard word for me to even spell). Here is a recent article:

Scientists say jet stream causing weather whiplash as it wobbles

The jet stream – the river of air high above Earth that generally dictates the weather – usually rushes rapidly from west to east in a mostly straight direction. But lately it seems to be wobbling and weaving like a drunken driver, wreaking havoc as it goes. The more the jet stream undulates north and south, the more changeable and extreme the weather. The most recent example occurred in mid-June when some towns in Alaska hit record highs. McGrath, Alaska, recorded an all-time high of 94 degrees on June 17. A few weeks earlier, the same spot was 15 degrees, the coldest recorded for so late in the year. You can blame the heat wave on a large northward bulge in the jet stream, Rutgers University climate scientist Jennifer Francis said. Several scientists are blaming weather whiplash – both high and low extremes – on a jet stream that’s not quite playing by its old rules. It’s a relatively new phenomenon that experts are still trying to understand. Some say it’s related to global warming, but others say it’s not. Upside-down weather also happened in May: Early California wildfires fueled by heat contrasted with more than a foot of snow in Minnesota. Seattle was the hottest spot in the nation one day, and Maine and Edmonton, Canada, were warmer than Miami and Phoenix. Consider these unusual occurrences over the past few years:• The winter of 2011-12 seemed to disappear, with little snow and record warmth in March. That was followed by the winter of 2012-13 when nor’easters seemed to queue up to strike the same coastal areas repeatedly.
• Superstorm Sandy took an odd left turn in October from the Atlantic straight into New Jersey, something that happens once every 700 years or so.
• One 12-month period had a record number of tornadoes. That was followed by 12 months that set a record for lack of tornadoes.And here is what federal weather officials call a “spring paradox”: The U.S. had both an unusually large area of snow cover in March and April and a near-record low area of snow cover in May. The entire Northern Hemisphere had record snow coverage area in December but the third-lowest snow extent for May. “I’ve been doing meteorology for 30 years, and the jet stream the last three years has done stuff I’ve never seen,” said Jeff Masters, meteorology director at the private service Weather Underground. “The fact that the jet stream is unusual could be an indicator of something. I’m not saying we know what it is.”
STS039-601-49I believe two things are happening. The first involves the fact we are near a solar max and, although the Earth may have not been struck directly by these extra energetic branes expelled from the Sun, there is a higher concentration of them in the inner solar system and they are entering into Earth’s atmosphere and taking up orbit as strings through and around the Earth in the jet streams, giving the jet streams a greater “vacuum potential” and condensing capacity.  Now, if you can imagine a plasma or tesla ball, those electromagnetic arcs tend to follow and jump back and forth between areas of high potential, which in this case is areas of “high vacuum” entering through and around the Earth . In other words these “weather strings” are electromagnetic, gravitational and thermodynamic and are attracted to each other and can “flop around” due to the tension in each of those strings as well as break off and reconnect with each other triggering marvelous phenomena like waterspouts and rainbows and thunder and lightning.The second thing that is happening is that due to climate change and a higher concentration of greenhouse gasses, the atmosphere has more water vapor in it, which includes more enthalpy from the heat of vaporization and is very significant for us humans, it adds approx 1100 BTUs/lb of water of energy to the atmosphere. This is the condensing fuel for those vacuum strings in the jet streams. In addition, due to warmer oceans, there is also more energy available for vacuum evaporation over the ocean, which just adds even more enthalpy to the atmosphere. These strings along low pressure cold fronts condense all of that water vapor (they can condense anything in the universe given enough time) and due to the higher humidity, they “pull more extreme vacuum” resulting in higher pressure drops and larger “atmospheric disturbances” such as lower lows and more powerful storms.These vacuum strings are a direct result of Earth’s decaying quantum gravity field and they are not going away and we need them for the rains they bring.  We do have short term upsets from CMEs and flares energizing the jet streams even more and that will depend upon solar activity.

earth-noaaIf you step back from Earth and look at the swirling patterns of the jet streams and hurricanes you will realize that what you are actually seeing is the swirling patterns of that dark/vacuum energy Matrix from the Sun on its way towards coalescing and decay with the dark matter brane at the Earth’s core. We humans occupy the baryonic crust orbiting that Earth brane and happen to get in the way of all those branes coming in. We have made up all sorts of names for what we see for effects in our gaseous atmosphere such as hurricanes and clouds and snowflakes and within the Earth such as earthquakes but in effect it can all be explained by momentary decreases in entropy (beautiful snowflake patterns), inflation (expanding clouds along jet streams), decay (just look in the mirror), quantum decoherence(gravity waves in sky and seismic waves on Earth) and the release of that entropy back to our environment happening around us continually, which is actually very colorful and keeps life as we know it very interesting, but short.  We are in a push-me pull-me with the vacuum.

It is our quantum field and we are immersed in it.


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