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The Kitchen Sink

August 12, 2013
sinkhole collapse

A building at the Summer Bay Resort in Clermont, Fla, shows damage from collapsing into a sinkhole early Monday Aug. 12, 2013

I decided to turn on every National Weather Service piece of data to look at central Florida, what I call the kitchen sink, and this is what I get.  They just had another large sinkhole open up this morning near Orlando, gradually sucking down a multi-unit building.  My perception is that this area across central Florida has a higher concentration of vacuum energy within the quantum field, which is really just this layer of subatomic particles and such below the typical molecular layer of the atmosphere we all think about.  Many of those particles end up extracting entropy and pulling a slight vacuum in their surroundings, gradually decaying and ionizing things at a faster rate around them.  I would say that what we call “time” or aging is occurring faster in that area.  Now guys, it might just be the “good ‘ole weather” we are all used to but the good ‘ole practical engineering side of me will not allow me to believe that air and water vapor alone can account for all of the energy and phenomena we see happening around us in the atmosphere and on Earth.  I have been staring at that area of Florida for months and there sure is a lot going on down there biologically, thermodynamically, electromagentically and materialistically. You decide for yourself.

Composite Doppler Reflectivity
Wind Velocity
Storm Relative Motion
1 Hour Precipitation
Storm Total Precipitation

So while I throw the kitchen sink at it, it appears to be devouring the kitchen sink


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