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Just the Facts, Ma’am

August 13, 2013

Jack WebbYou know, as I have researched this theory, I many times feel more like an investigative detective than a TQCE (Theoretical Quantum Chemical Engineerist), which is a new emerging field with one person on the planet engaged in it, probably because it does not pay very well. If the theory happens to be correct (which is actually just an extension of lots of other published work), this place pretty much operates off a vacuum, which includes emergence, inflation, decoherence/decay/ionization, condensing and collapse.  We humans fall somewhere in the middle of the inflation and decay section and spend much of our time dodging vacuum (extreme weather) before we finally collapse. As I read the research papers I get theories about the universe having anywhere between 0-26 dimensions (maybe more, I can’t remember).

So it is pretty much fair game for any theory right now. Hell, there might not even be a universe as far as I know, I might just be dreaming I am in a universe and that you guys are actually reading this blog wondering what you are doing here… The farther I get down the road with my theory the farther I seem to be spiraling down the quantum rabbit hole.  Anyway for now I will go with M Theory and 11 dimensions. Most of my extra dimensions appear to be “compactified” into branes and strings within our dimensions. I couldn’t tell you what is outside of our universe brane, maybe the elephant from “Horton Hears a Who” for all I know.

SH Feb 26, 2013 LA 15 HHZ YC (Bayou Corne, LA)

Bayou Corne Seismic: This looks more like beavers chewing on the salt dome, not a collapse. I believe it is quantum decoherence from the same disturbance that created Hurricane Isaac

Now I am not a “scientist”, but in order to graduate with high honors from college I did have to do a year-long senior independent study research project and written thesis and go in front of a review board of professors, so I know the drill. I’ll just let you know it seriously cut into my social life as a senior and I can remember walking around on the soccer field one day thinking about quitting. This blog is my way of getting back at them. I also won a bicycle in Kellog’s “Stick up for Breakfast” art contest when I was 10 at the height of my art career when I was selling artwork for $1 per drawing  (it has plummeted since), so I know how to use art to get my message across (PS somebody stole the bike from me later).  I wish I could sing, but I am terrible although I can dance a little.

I believe that all humans just want to know. And if science can’t tell us then for damn sure we’ll come up with something ourselves.  All those guys talking about chemtrails and UFOs and weird sounds, they are just trying to understand the real phenomena they are seeing and hearing and, at least to me, in many cases science really does not have a good answer and we still have dozens of “phenomena”. Black holes and strings and big bangs and bounces and quantum spooky stuff is great but as long as it is somewhere out there what the hell good does it do us. Physics is amazing but it has also brought us nuclear weapons and fission reactors, either one may very well be our downfall, just ask the Japanese.  Do we really think we can progress and thrive into the next century with all of these phenomena?  I am guessing we have just about as many phenomena still as when the dinosaurs looked up and saw that streaking brane heading towards the Yucatan, thinking to themselves, hey its a meteor, no an asteroid, no wait a comet, no wait a shooting star, no wait a hunk of rock …. and they all stood there and looked at each other as the Earth spiraled into chaos around them for the next million years or more.


Soley-Berks-20-07-06-Wheat-OH Decoherence?

I respect Michio Kaku for his outspokenness on issues, but I really don’t think he should be dismissing a crop circle phenomena he doesn’t appear to know much about, I do not care how many degrees he has. Everyone passes through this life very quickly and we can all learn from each other and should not be too fast to squash a theory, let nature be the judge and let’s all observe and compare notes.

In trying to obtain facts about my theory I am coming into all sorts of discrepancies in information, inluding scientists. The scientist at the Bayou Corne, LA sinkhole had this to say about the seismic activity and sinkhole:

Horton said it was rare to have earthquakes herald the opening of a sinkhole. I don’t know of another case,” he told OurAmazingPlanet.

Well you know what?  I sent him this case and this case and this case to go along with HIS CASE at Bayou Corne and hell, here is another case

The seismic activity started two months before the sinkhole opened and continued until the sinkhole opened and it still continues today, a year later.  But of course they blame it on the cavern:

“In response to Texas Brine’s assertion that region seismic activity caused their cavern to be compromised, USGS stated on October 25 Sept. 2012 that it is their belief that the seismicity is a consequence of the collapse of the cavern, and not the cause of the collapse of the cavern and the formation of the sinkhole. Dr. Horton of the USGS stated the science behind the recent events does not suggest a heightened level of risk at this time.”


Quantum Decoherence

I believe those same energetic strings of dark/vacuum energy that created Hurricane Isaac and the gravity waves emanating from it during its approach to the sinkhole may be still underground and their continued quantum decoherence is creating the ongoing seismic activity. I also believe the ionizing decay is creating the bubbles in the marsh as the strings ionize the carbon and create CH4 and other organic compounds.  They are the great proton (H+) donor of the universe.

So I mentioned before about waterspouts and that it is OBVIOUS TO ME THEY ARE CONDENSING AND LIFTING WATER (unless you are BLIND) but that is not what is published on Wikipedia. They are also pulling a vacuum (I know I design vacuum systems all of the time).  I look at that waterspout and estimate there is a FEW THOUSAND HP OF DARK/VACUUM ENERGY sitting right there IN FRONT OF US.

ultrathin waterspoutSo I suggest you guys get the drones airborn, grab your sensor package, including electromagnetic and ionizing radiation detectors and throw in a few Lithium Ion batteries just for the hell of it and you fly directly up the ass of that waterspout with your sensor package and confirm what I am telling you.  Then you sit down with all the smart guys and say, OK, how do we quantumly decohere/break that string apart on an accelerated basis.  Once you have mastered that I suggest you graduate to hurricanes and you will save trillions of dollars and countless lives.

If I am correct this is my gift to all of you.  If I am wrong at least I hope you like my selection of music and bad humor.


  1. scoobus permalink

    at some point in discussion with academia you’ll will be turned into a conspiracy certainness!
    I applaud your brane:)
    keep going:)

  2. I have sent my information to a dozen or so scientists and academics. I received two responses (NASA and NOAA) showing some interest, another response that said everything could be explained by “mundane” Earthly science, two responses not interested and many with no response, which is OK with me. No responses have included a flat out you are wrong or crazy. I am not a physicist so some may not want me trodding around in their rice paddy. All I have really done is added a baryonic/ atmospheric layer on top of dark/vacuum energy and followed M Theory predictions and said here it is. That does not exactly jump out of an equation at you. Our quantum field is much more like the life energy immersed within and around the molecular layer and is not limited by standard physical laws as it is quantum.

    I decided the best way to prove my theory was through this medium, including artwork, video, humor and a few equations to get my point across. I watch my logs and I am getting 20 or so countries a day now reading.

    I think Science should require more images and pictures in research documents as that is the way I think most minds work. It amazes me string theorists have come up with such robust equations and all without really having something to test them on except looking to the heavens.

    If my extended theory is correct, I hope that I have helped physics to refocus the theories and now give it some predictive capability and usefulness in our lives. Based upon my work, if M theory is correct, it is profound. The crop circles just add some colorful window dressing

    Thanks for following, I know you have been around for awhile.


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