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The Dragons Path and Sandy’s Kimono

August 22, 2013

In China where the ancient science of ‘Feng -Shui’ (translated: ‘Wind’ and ‘Water’), or ‘Geomancy’ has been practised for over 2000 years, the Chinese have long held the idea that the Earth, like the human body, is covered by a matrix of invisible lines of subtle magnetic force, referred to as ‘Lung Mei’ translated ‘Dragon Paths’.

As you look at Hurricane Sandy below, look first at the “invisible strings” looping diagonally across the country towards the Great Lakes. Due to their tension, the strings are flopping and looping around and actually creating intense lines of condensing along their path.  As these strings are gradually decohering and decaying to hydrogen, H+ in the atmosphere and ionizing oxygen, they create intense bands of clouds and rain that appear on the video to pop out of nowhere, but along very intense lines.  You will notice that eventually Sandy meets up with that “cold front”, as they were created from the same disturbance, strings from our decaying quantum gravity field, which wraps around and through the Earth in strings within our jet streams.  It will be those same strings entering into the Earth, conducting electromagnetic energy through telluric currents and killing those dolphins and manatees along strong jet streams as well as creating sinkholes and seismic activity along their path in the Earth.

I have already shown you the gravity waves from the quantum decoherence of the “cosmic strings”, or Lung Mei in previous posts.  Sandy was an amazing act of nature, but in carrying out her destruction, I feel she lifted up her kimono just a bit and showed us her knickers, which may change our world forever, at least it has mine. Everyone is free to believe what they want in this short life of ours.


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