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Absorbed or Disgorged?

September 17, 2013

On Saturday, Sept. 14, NOAA’s GOES-East saw newborn Tropical Storm Manuel in the eastern Pacific, Tropical Storm Ingrid in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico, the remnants of Gabrielle absorbed into a cold front over the North Atlantic, and Tropical Depression Humberto in the eastern Atlantic. Credit: NASA GOES Project
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I am trying to share my thoughts on this theory as best I can.  I mentioned yesterday that my research tells me those low pressure disturbances are connected to cold fronts to the West that sweep across the Earth and finally meet up with the disturbance as the strings connecting them decay/decohere in the atmosphere.  They initially do not appear connected because only the part of the strings that are penetrating the troposphere and ionizing oxygen create what we call “cold fronts” and “hurricanes” and the water vapor and electromagnetic disturbances we experience.  The weathermen like to say that the disturbance was “absorbed” by the cold front” when in fact I believe the disturbance, once it decays low enough in the atmosphere appears to meet up with that cold front and then coalesce INTO the Earth and “dissapear” becoming just another telluric current and possibly creating some further seismic activity within the baryonic crust of the Earth.  Below are some links to low pressure disturbances that were “absorbed” into cold fronts or troughs

As I mentioned yesterday, the reason I believe Colorado flooded is because you had strings from multiple low pressure disturbances all entangled within the same cold front/jet stream which creates an enormous amount of concentrated ionizing and condensing capacity over one area of the Earth.

Hurricane Sandy

“On the one hand you have Hurricane Sandy barreling north, expected to hit somewhere on the U.S. East Coast in the middle of next week. At the same time, a cold front is moving across the middle of the country, bringing cold temperatures and snow.”

And many, many more.

I believe all of these troughs and low pressure disturbances in our gaseous atmosphere are just these strings from our decaying quantum gravity field.  There IS A LOT OF COMPACTIFIED (CURLED UP) ENERGY THERE.


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