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Toss Up?

September 17, 2013

I put an update for Humberto.  NOAA is showing it vearing to the left now.  My eyeballs see two “cold” fronts to the left, I may have chosen the wrong one, which appears to not have much “tension” (maybe it is connected to another disturbance…)  The other front that just came off the East coast of the US appears to have more “tension” or energy associated with it.  What I am watching to see is which one (if any meets up with Humberto.  I also have placed a Jet Stream Map which shows the polar jet dipped down over the area of the whale strandings, fish kills and sinkholes.  I believe a lot happens underneath those strong jet streams as they decay and break up over months.  Possibly sending streamers/strings down into the oceans, impacting those whales.  The saltwater is a good conductor of electricity so possibly that is how these strings get all entangled in the first place.  The baboons can possibly hear the infrasound from the energetic strings in those overhead jet streams.

9-17-13 weather9-17-13 Jet Stream

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