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September 26, 2013

I kinda think Typhoon Pabuk might do THIS

Because I think our atmosphere is full of a lot of compactified black hole strings decohering and ionizing and condensing our atmosphere acting like THIS


and also some of THIS


Because the core of the Earth is really a six dimensional brane that looks something like THAT


6 extra space dimensions are compactified around a 6-dimensional torus (or tori). This 6D torus can be imagined as made up of 3 ‘2D tori’ like the ones we have drawn here, arranged at
right-angles to one-another (most likely in a non-literal sense, we can not truly visualise higher dimensions).

with a LENR (low energy nuclear) firewall around its surface and we just reside in the baryonic molecular crust from dark matter decay surrounding all of that thinking we are actually significant in the grand scheme of things and gawking at “Mother Nature” and “Acts of God” because we don’t have a clue about what is triggering all of those “Phenomena” around us.  I grabbed these pictures from here, it is a good summary.  And you guys think there is an ENERGY SHORTAGE?

Branes bring Rain again and again (Say 5 times fast)


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