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Stringy Flooding Thingies (Say 5 Times Fast)

September 26, 2013

colorado image

I had a reader email me a photograph(above) of the sky over Colorado during the flooding recently.  Some of my readers might remember that I was tracking the hurricanes and tropical storms and theorizing that the entangled, symmetrical strings of dark/vacuum energy were oscillating in the jet streams over Colorado and causing severe ionizing and condensing of water vapor leading to the flash flooding.  I guess if jet streams can pick up fish and carry them hundreds of miles maybe some of that water was actually being transported within the jet streams, I do not know.  Colorado also had some pretty major sinkholes open up during the severe flooding.  Readers should also notice how the sky gets very “stringy” looking many times before severe weather approaches, which others will tell you are “chemtrails” but I believe are actually ionizing, condensing particle tracks from dark matter “branes” that are decohering and decaying in our atmosphere.

A gentlemen posted a great youtube video below of the stringy clouds in the atmosphere prior to Hurricane Isaac arriving.  I think this is our quantum gravity field ionizing and creating water vapor overhead that is condensing and pulling a vacuum along the path of those energetic, decaying branes.  Those crickets are having a good time, they are probably saying “holly crap, the branes are coming!” while humans say, duh, let’s party.


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