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Just the Facts

October 10, 2013

Fact 1: The first operational Doppler radar upgraded to dual-pol was at Vance Air Force Base near Enid, Okla., on March 8, 2011. As of late April, the NWS has upgraded 151 operational radars. The final site to be upgraded, which is operated by the Federal Aviation Administration and is in Alaska, will be completed this June.

Fact 2:  In May 2011, there were 3 tornadoes within 50 miles of Enid and the Doppler station.

Fact 3:  ENID, Okla. August 24th, 2011 — A dead fish floating in a lake is not uncommon, but Enid officials were notified Tuesday of a sight rarely seen. Nearly 1,000 dead crappie were floating at Meadowlake Park.

Fact 3:  ENID, Okla. has had problems with sinkholes for the past 2 Years

Fact 4:  ENID, Okla has had reoccurring earthquakes in the area.

Fact 5: 36 Miles to the North of the Doppler was one of the largest fish kills in the history of the area in 2013

10-13-13 Oklahoma

That’s all, just facts, and uncertainty

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