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KISS My… (Keep it Simple Stupid)

October 11, 2013

You know, I am a pretty simple guy, I have worked in industry as a chemical engineer for 26 years, have a family, coach kids sports, play tennis and I grew up on a farm in rural Maine.  The subdivision I live in today has more people than the town I grew up in.  I try to explain things simply, I have always had this feeling that if one tried to use big words they probably did not know what they were talking about.  If something can be explained simply that is probably the best solution.  I sense that scientists sometimes, because they cannot explain something scientifically, either tell us it cannot be true or come up with very complicated, exotic explanations and formulas for what they see based upon ordinary matter.

So when I look at this comet plummet to the Sun yesterday followed by what looks very clearly to me like a mass ejection of some sort in the same region, possibly millions or billions of tons of energetic “stuff”, I connect the two, since I have seen this same thing before and written on this blog about it.  NASA will tell you it is a coincidence and cannot happen since ice cannot do that.  But what if that less than a mile diameter nucleus was collapsed matter, basically a ball or “plasmoid” of vacuum energy all curled up weighing millions or possibly billions of tons with a firewall around its surface, generating that coma and tail.  Then could it do this?


Click to See The Video

And could that be some of the missing 95% energy within the universe nobody can seem to find?  And if this “small” comet can do this, what could a large comet do?


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