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Beta Test Failed? or When Millions of Dead Fish Becomes Normal

October 11, 2013

10-11-13 Weather

Fish kill continues on Neuse River

“…I’ve been watching menhaden in this area for 40 years now,” he said. The schools he has seen in 2013 “are not the huge schools we typically see… The numbers I’ve seen this year are way down.” Those lower numbers may be the result of so many fish kills over the past two or three years, he said.

NWS Newport WSR-88D Radar Received Dual Polarization Upgrade

“On June 22nd [2011], the Doppler radar at the National Weather Service Newport/Morehead City office entered an exciting new era with the incorporation of dual-polarization or �dual-pol� technology.

The Newport office is a beta test site for this new technology, and is only the 2nd National Weather Service office in the nation to receive this upgrade! (Phoenix AZ was the first). This is all part of the upgrade to dual-pol for all 120+ radars across the entire National Weather Service network.”

I wish I shared their excitement.  What is it doing to our children?



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