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Does It Seem Strange to You?

October 16, 2013

Dead-king-salmon-at-PetersburgDoes it seem strange to anybody that in a State as big as Alaska that both fish kills that made the news in 2013 occured within 100 miles or less of NEXRAD Doppler towers?

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) – Alaska’s summer heat wave has been pleasant for humans but punitive for some of its fish.

Overheated water has been blamed for large die-offs of hatchery trout and salmon stocks in at least two parts of the state as hot, dry weather has set in, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Hundreds of grayling and rainbow trout died in June after being placed in a Fairbanks lake, the department reported. An unusually cold spring caused lake ice to linger much longer than normal, before the water quickly became too warm, department biologist April Behr said.

Surface temperatures in the lake rose to about 76 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius), she said. The precise number of dead fish was not yet known. “We picked up several hundred,” she said.

A similar incident occurred in mid-July at the Crystal Lake Hatchery South of Petersburg in southeast Alaska.

Or that the largest, strangest brown algae bloom is also less than 100 miles from one or more Doppler towers.  Did anybody consider what pumping a few MW’s of energy continuously might do to the atmosphere above, especially if some of that atmosphere happened to be made up of “weakly ionized plasma” or strings of dark/vacuum energy?  What might it do to the Earth and biology below?  Ionize it? Oxidize it? Decay it? Injure it? Kill It? Poison it?

 A brown sludgy plankton bloom slogging into small bays that rim Kachemak Bay is raising concerns about how it may impact the delicate filtration systems of shellfish and other marine life. The plant life is described as four or five feet deep in concentrated areas.


Nobody has given me an answer yet.  Was it a check box during the Beta testing of the towers?  Or did everyone assume that air and water vapor cannot do that?


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