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Wouldn’t It Be Ironic?

October 18, 2013

If the Doppler weather radar stations that were designed to protect us were also energizing the atmosphere which in turn is gradually ionizing and decaying all of us?  Wouldn’t it be ironic if the atmosphere above our heads was not mostly air and water vapor and was actually mostly “weakly ionized plasma” from dark/vacuum energy from our decaying quantum gravity field? Wouldn’t it be ironic if the missing 95% energy in the universe was curled up and decaying right over our heads and around us in the atmosphere triggering our weather? Wouldn’t it be ironic if that energy source were opening up “plasma channels” or strings and discharging that energy to the Earth’s core at times inside those waterspouts and hurricanes and creating those sinkholes? And what about the “plasma” channels we cannot even see that are possibly ionizing and decaying us all over time?

Wouldn’t it be ironic to find out that all the energy we ever needed was right here in front of us and we just did not see it? Wouldn’t it be ironic to find out that time really did not exist and that we all are really just decaying from one quantum state to another? And that our minds really are quantumly entangled with this universe?

I plotted all of 2013 fish kills in Florida based upon algae/red tide from this database this morning and here is what I get.  Everything with an “F” tag is a fish kill.  AND THERE ARE LOTS.  Lots of ionization and DECAY going on in those areas near Doppler stations according to my research.  I only show NEXRAD stations right now.

And this is how I feel about it


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