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Facts and Theory

October 27, 2013

10-27-13 California Doppler

Nature maintains an energy balance.  She discharges her quantum gravity field energy within our magnetosphere, ionosphere and troposphere above our heads through weakly ionized plasma fields at the surface of these particles/strings.  This is what forms “St. Elmos Fire”, lightning discharges, etc.  Humans have been given a thin slice that we can survive 80 years or so within.

By adding energy back into these quantum vacuum particles in our low level atmosphere from the Doppler Radar stations and other radar towers, it is causing these energetic particles to increase ionization around them and discharge that energy to the Earth and waterways below.

This is how our quantum vacuum field behaves.  Jet streams will contain the highest concentrations/energy levels of these particles & strings they form, and it is below those jet streams that you get the highest energy discharges to Earth, triggering earthquakes, sinkholes and increased ionization and decay.  The Doppler is just adding energy to these ionization discharges and more uncertainty to all biological life forms.  This is why background radiation goes up during many rainstorms.

I believe based upon my data, it is a fact that fish kills and sinkholes and algae blooms are increasing near Doppler Stations.  It is still theory the mechanism that is causing it and exactly what effect it has on biology.

This is the direction my research is leading me. I share it with all sincerity.


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