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October 27, 2013
10-27-13 Oklahoma City2

Tornado Tracks in Red/Yellow.  That top tornado went right towards the Doppler Station!

10-27-13 Oklahoma CityThe Oklahoma City area now has Five Doppler radar stations they are very proud of.

What is disturbing is that they have had:

(1) A tremendous increase in Seismic activity  since 2009

(2) A 245% increase in Autism since 2001

(3) Two of the worst Tornadoes in the past year (but they got to watch it on TV/Doppler!)

(4) The largest fish kill in the area just to the North of Oklahoma City in Enid, OK.

(5) Large Sinkholes in the area

So are our children safer?  Did any of the electrical engineers and physicists that designed those Dopplers check the surrounding biology for long term consequences from the atmosphere?  Or is bigger just better?  All that and physicists still don’t know where lightning comes from.  Did the Dopplers invite that uncertainty by busting up those overhead strings in the Jet Streams?  And yet many humans have the arrogance to believe this place was created just for them and they can fly plastic airplanes into the sky and beam hundreds of megawatts of energy into the sky with no impact on the environment.   There are estimated to be 73,000 children born with brain damage(autism) this year (1/55) in the US.  Are we proud of that?

Personally, I think the human race has gone so far down the wrong path it would be hard to peel back the depth of the layers of denial.  I don’t really worry about hurricanes anymore, Doppler appears to be busting many of them up over our heads and ionizing and flooding us.  I worry about humans, we kill many more of our own than all of our natural events combined.


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