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October 28, 2013

guilty-puppy1-300x289All, I appreciate you reading my research and thoughts, I had about 40 countries visit last week, which doesn’t necessarily mean my applied theory is correct, but I will keep researching and posting the information for all to read.  I am just an engineer with time on his hands, which are both bandaged at the moment.

I have to be honest, I had a terrible weekend. My research partner (bagel the beagle) got run over by my neighbor while I was on our front lawn spraying weeds.  I ran over to her immediately in the road and she proceeded to show me how much pain she was in by biting my right hand as hard and deep as she could .  I lifted my hand up and she was hanging in the air from it (she weighs 30 lbs now).  I finally got her pried off my right hand and she immediately latched on to my left wrist and bit down as hard as she could.  She was then  hanging in the air from my left wrist as I tried to pry her off.  Anyway, she will have hip surgery today and I spent a few hours at the emergency room getting stitched up.  I am not mad at her, she just wanted to let me know her pain.

Let’s be honest, as much as we all try to make sense of this world, we all endure pain and suffering at different points in our lives.  We try our best to make our lives as certain as possible but bad stuff happens to all of us.  Humans do not deal well with uncertainty, we tend to try and define or push it under the rug as much as possible or minimize it. To me it is almost like denial.

I happened upon my theory back when I was reading about low frequency magnetic anomalies before earthquakes along with all of the accompanying atmospheric effects.  You can see that it has spiraled from there.  I have no pre-conceived notion about Doppler radar, but it appears to me clearly that there are more fish kills, algae blooms, sinkholes and waterspouts close by to the Doppler towers, especially in Florida, but also around the country.  To me it is a simple energy balance, you pump megawatts of energy into the atmosphere and it has to go somewhere.  I think much of it is returning to Earth and weakly ionizing all of us at an accelerated rate above “normal”, which increases during storms.

Recent reports are linking Tylenol to autism as well as previous reports linking pollution and others linking weather/precipitation and autism.   What I will say is this.  Many toxins or pollutants are not reactive until they have been “ionized”.  This ionization energy is many times the “fuel” to get a reaction moving.  Just like the ionization of that dissolved oxygen in those waterways is enough to start the oxidation of nitrogen and phosphorous and resulting red tide formation, so to is it enough to trigger the oxidation/ionization of humans at an accelerated pace.   The recent report on Tylenol used Cuba as an example in that they have very low autism and do not give Tylenol to infants.  It is also a fact that Cuba did not install their first Doppler Radar until 2012.

South Korea recently had the highest rate of Autism , roughly one in 38 children vs. one in 55 in the US.  I found out another interesting fact South Korea has going for it:

Figure 1 shows the locations of the radars operated by KMA, KAF, and USAF. The RKSG and
RKJK radars which are the WSR-88D radar are operated by USAF. The KAF radars are RKWJ, RSCN, RTAG, RYCN, and RWNJ, which are operated at Cband frequencies. The others, total of 12 radars, are operated by KMA and at C- or S-band. KMA plans to upgrade C-band radars to S-band radars to mainly mitigate attenuation effect due to precipitation. The RKSN radar was upgraded to S-band during 2006 to 2007 and an upgrading of the RDNH radar will be followed. The C-band radar at RCJU of KMA was retired in summer, 2006 in accordance with the start ofobservations of two new S-band radars of RGSN and RSSP. As shown in Figure 1, the 18 radars are impartially distributed over the area of about 100,000 km2 of South Korea. Comparing the number of radars with respect to the area, it is found that the operational radar network over Korea is 3.5 and 11 times denser than that of JMA (Makihara 1996) and NEXRAD over the contiguous US (Klazura and Imy 1993), respectively. Another notable thing on the network over Korea is that all operational radars have Doppler capability measuring radar reflectivity, radial velocity, and spectrum width. For the velocity measurements, the radars have a maximum observable range from 100 km to 250 km.

So I tend to agree with ALL of the previous studies. ANY POTENTIAL TOXIN, even those normally “inert” toxins in vaccines and Tylenol, etc. can be made more reactive and toxic by the energy from these particles I have been studying, which I think are made more energetic from Doppler radar towers.  There is a reason humans do not reside in the “ionosphere”, we would quickly die.  I believe one of the primary life sustaining roles of our atmosphere is to provide space for these energetic particles from the Sun to decay to low energy levels before they reach us.  We are just pumping them back up in energy levels with those Doppler Radars, etc.

I think we have an atmosphere with a weakly ionizing component consisting of energetic dark/vacuum energy from our decaying quantum gravity field that we humans have completely ignored.

And now you know the rest of the story.

Good Day.


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  1. talesfromthelou permalink

    Thanks Stewart, I like the way you turn reality into an abstract painting that yet includes all that matters…

  2. Holly permalink

    Sorry to hear of your pups getting hurt. And the resulting stitches! Sounds intense. Hope all heal well. And fast!

    Thanks for your posts. Starting to see dopplars in a different light. Makes sense!

    Cheers- Holly

    • Thanks,

      She comes home tomorrow. Dopplers scare me now too. Hell, my whole theory scares me!


  3. Holly permalink

    *dopplers. Oops 🙂

  4. Nichole permalink

    Sorry to hear about the accidents this weekend 😦 hoping you all heal well and quickly. Speedy recovery!

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