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More Fish and Doppler Down

November 8, 2013

St Pete Dead FishST. PETERSBURG – Crescent lake is one of four Natural lakes in the city of St. Petersburg and is known for its pristine grounds. But just a few days ago that all changed.

The city of St. Petersburg said that the smell from dead fish are from an ongoing fish kill in Crescent Lake. It’s a natural occurrence that hasn’t happened here in over 20 years.

Florida Fish and Wildlife is blaming a change in weather and a lack of oxygen in the water. The city thinks it’s an overpopulation of Shad in the lake.

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11-8-13 St. Petersburg Fish Kill

Mission: Take Out Florida’s Highest Energy (1.25 MW) Doppler Tower that is believed to be causing increased algae blooms, fish kills, sinkholes and waterspouts as well as increased ionization of all biology. Also possibly killed a sperm whale that beached within 5 miles of it this past week.

Target: Klystron 9
In 2009, the station unveiled Klystron 9, the most advanced, most powerful, highest resolution broadcast weather radar in the world.Bay News 9 Chief Meteorologist Mike Clay said Klystron 9 is more accurate than any other weather radar at any TV station anywhere.”This is the biggest advance in radar since Doppler,” Clay said. “Dual-pol Doppler, which we installed in October 2007, was the first step, but this was the full gamut of the radar we were after.”

Weapon of Choice:  Laser Guided Missile

Thank God it is Friday

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